Friday, March 12, 2010

King Dancer Pose

My friend took this photograph of me at Port Dickson beach, pulling a Natarajasa (King Dancer pose). Straight leg is the more advanced pose.

I came to my first yoga class with the perception that it's gonna be a lot of "Ommms" instead of the "Ummphh". Who would have thought a simple, balancing pose like the warrior pose could produce a lot of sweat! The 40 minutes of vinyasa and a bit of hatha ended with a relaxing corpse pose. Okay, to those who have zero knowledge on yoga, there are actually names for every yoga poses, from cow, cat, dog, cobra, child pose...every animals or unthinkable nouns you can think of. The actual names were actually in sanskrit.

Why yoga?
Some people would think Yoga would come easy to me as I'm skinny enough to pretzel myself. Maybe for headstand, but not for poses like bow pose. Whether you're skinny, curvy, pregnant or old, yoga is for everyone.

I love yoga for the fact that you are your own exercise machine. You can sweat and burn calories as much as running on a treadmill or lifting weights. If you're not a fan of running and love to stay healthy without signing up on gym membership, again, yoga is the answer. What a lovely excuse to stay healthy :D

It's a bit tough for first timer to pull the right pose, but it will gradually change. I can't even touch my toes the first time and two lessons later, I can go all the way down. Keep challenging yourself, relax and breathe - that's my yoga motto.

For great readings on yoga, there are a lot of video tutorials, magazines and books out there.

If you're a Wii-kster like me, check out what Wii Sports have in store for the yogis. The video shows you how to do King Dancer pose.

For other added variations to the pose above, here is another video from Nike.

Sadie Nardini offers a lot of useful vinyasa yoga variations and guess how old is she? She's 38!

Yoga for Beginners has a lot of useful information on yoga variations, sequences as well as great tips for yogi beginners. I bought this at Sun Magazine at e@Curve (former Cineleisure Mall).

Namaste :)


  1. yoga is indeed, for everyone. :) ohm shanti.

  2. Yes indeed, Jen. We should go for a yoga class/outing one of these days. You can teach me some poses that I'm still lacking like the L-stand pose for hand stand prep. My foot still can't stick on the wall. Will need more 'cicak' glue on my kaki.

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