Friday, March 5, 2010

Malaysian Traveling to Singapore

A few months back, when I arrived at Singapore airport, the Maybank ATM machine was nowhere to be found. If not at the airport, they always have a couple of other branches throughout Singapore. I just discovered that it's cheaper and convenient to withdraw your money via ATM if you're a Malaysian traveling to Singapore rather than having your money exchanged the normal way.

With no clue and SGD-less, I went to the VisitSingapore booth for more info. Their helpful staff told me that I can withdraw at any DBS ATM machine. So I went there, and I can even view my balance statement (in SGD) of course.

I circled the PLUS sign. PLUS sign is Maybank OK!  :D

To double check the info, I just called Maybank hotline at 1300-88-6688 and their helpdesk told me that if I'm using;

Maybank yellow and black card: Go to ATM that has a PLUS sign 
Maybank visa debit card: Go to any Visa-able ATM

But do make sure that you already activate your Maybank ATM card for international withdrawal. Have a safe and smart travel folks ;)


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