Saturday, March 6, 2010

Need a coffee fix...on your FACE?

It was a hot, Saturday afternoon and I was bored. The E! entertainment channel was on, and the host were babbling about the Hollywood remedies before hitting the Oscars. Then I heard one of the actors was using coffee ground as facial mask for clear skin, so I quickly googled it and found this. Thanks to e-zine for this great tips!

How could I resist? All I need is milk and coffee ground. I got my ground Columbia coffee from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and cold Dutch Lady full cream milk. Feel free to use other brands, although I'm not sure that the Nescafe coffee might work cos its a bit processed and might get too diluted when its mixed. Perhaps try Kopi Cap Kapal. The kaw-er, the better!

Here goes, just mix two tablespoon of coffee with a bit of milk, enough to get a not too thick, not too runny mixture. I'm using a stirrer I got from a hotel. Good thing about it that it has a spatula-like end, which is perfect for mask application.

Avoid eyes and lips and slowly massage the mixture as you apply the mask on your face.

Watch out for the spills especially on white fabrics. Coffee has a very similar effect like Henna.

Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, while relaxing on your couch with slow jazz. The mask will get tingly and tight a bit.

Next, instead of a quick rinse, just slowly massage it again, just like exfoliating and rinse it off. Your sink will be a bit messy at this part, so don't forget to clean it up.

I was surprised that it didn't give any tight effect on your face. My face feels clean and smooth. I just apply a bit of moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated and hey, my face smells so coffee-tastic!

Try it!

For more great tips on how to use your coffee ground go to Green Daily

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