Saturday, March 27, 2010

Questions of Eco-friendly...

What's this 'eco friendly' term we always read, see, listen everywhere? Is it just a mere symbol? A consumer approved label? A 'cool' trend? A branding that identifies an act, a group or an individual?

Does buying t-shirts that says "Save Mother Earth" or "I'm eco-licious" could change society's perception or make a difference on the environment? Maybe? Could it? Impossible?

What about tote bags? I'm not sure about others, but I get tote bags at least twice a month. Mostly from marketing events and shopping promo. That's a total of 24 tote bags in a year. Enough bags to last me about good 'ol 3 to 4 years. I can't stop but to cringe every time I see some marketing ploy come up with "Buy bag, save a forest". More eco bags for purchase?

There have been many questions chiming in my head lately. Why am I doing these?

Who's that monkey?
Why do I recycle weekly? Who do I reuse my items? Why do I bring shopping bags to groceries? Why do I plant trees? Why do I spend on expensive eco-friendly products?

2 shopping bags equals to 5 plastic bags. Seriously

Why??? To save the environment? What environment? *looking 360 at my office room*

To make the world a better place? You mean, free from Global Warming?

To make the world greener? Why not blue? Red? Yellow? Ooh, rainbow color!

Have you really found a definite answer, the core, the objective behind all these green acts?

One of the film documentaries that redefines my perception on the definition of eco friendly is Leonardo diCaprio's 11th Hour. I find that the starting of the film a bit hard to digest with all the destructions and tragedies, but as it reaches the ending, it gets better :) I'm not gonna give out spoilers, just watch it.

If I have one pledge, just one pledge for Earth Day 2010, that one pledge is for people to LOVE.

Love yourself, your family, your friends, your pets, your life, people's life, love the nature, that annoying neighbor of yours (try), the young, the old, everyone!

Only with love, you started thinking twice on every action or decision you make...the WHAT IF.

If I buy this....would I be happy? Is this what I need and not a mere compulsive shopping? Would others (the society/wildlife) get anything out of my purchase? Where this item gonna end up in if it's thrown, reused or recycle?

Today's the Earth Hour, the 1 hour celebration of no-electricity. We should have it every day! :D I'll be running 10km for Energizer Night Race, my first race in 8 years. Wish me luck.Will update more on that soon ;)

Here is my previous article "A Green Journey" written in conjunction of Earth Day in 2009.

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