Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Running: A mind game

First of all, just want to say, YATTA! I made it! I ran 10km last Saturday, during the Earth Hour for Energizer Night Race that was happening in Cyberjaya.

Adidas vest XS (for women) and M (for men)

This was my first race in 8 years. Very much a deja vu moment for me. I was an asthmatic who were told not to join any sports activities, but not wanting to be the weak one, I've decided to take up running as personal challenge. Like Forrest Gump, I just felt like running.

Best part of all after that, I no longer have asthma since :)

Back to the race, thank God, I managed to set a personal record of 7.6 mins per kilometer (76 mins for 10km), which gets me the qualifying time. My previous practice marked a poor stats of 10mins per km, so I was relief to get through. 76 mins wasn't a super impressive timing, but I wasn't there not to beat anyone, I was there to beat me. To beat the impossible. To beat that negative side of me that's been yacking "There's no way you can get there in time since you haven't run in a long time".

Sweet medallion

Just want to share a bit of a walk-through of what I went through during the race. The obstacles and solutions. I'm not a pro-runner, just telling you as it is.

My silly summary:
  • No sprinting
  • Breathing through nose
  • When tired, best not to stop immediately.
  • Smile when your heart is aching :D
  • Experiment new move - run like a ninja!
  • MUSIC!!!
As advised, I didn't sprint the first few minutes. In fact, I jogged and walked most of the time. When you run long distance, it's not all about being Speedy Gonzales, its more of maintaining and synchronizing the rhythm of your heartbeat, your leg ability and your breathing.

Again, as mentioned earlier in previous post, having used the deep breathing practice in yoga, I found it easier to inhale and exhale from the nostrils. Mouth breathing takes a lot of energy.

I noticed when running long distance, if it gets harder to breathe, its better to keep walking (gradually) than stopping immediately. Imagine a spinning fan theory.

Hmm, what else. Oh yeah, I had a smile on my face half way running. I swear that smile resembles Rachel Berry in Glee episode 7: Vitamin D. It may sound gleekily weird, but that was the time when my speed increased momentarily. For some reason, it feels good to smile and run at the same time. Try it.

I've been watching the anime series Naruto lately and for some reason, I thought that running with hands on the back would somehow make running a little smoother. So I've tried doing that without making it look so obvious. HAHAHAHA! One of the runners whom I met recently told me that she saw me doing that and she thought I had a backache! Results: Weirdo!

Get the right music with you. That's one thing I forgot to prepare. I brought my phone along and most of the songs in the playlist are 70% easy listening. Imagine running to 'Comfortable' from John Mayer. LOL! But if there's one song that lifts me up for that night, it was Benny and the Jets from Elton John. YEAAAAHHHH!!!

A yoga relief workout after running courtesy of virtual yoga guru, Sadie Nardini.

So what's your excuse for not running?


  1. wow ~ Roze you are so active and sporty ! Nice experience ya I guess ? hehe...

  2. LOL! I'll try my best to break some sweat. I'm not much of a gym-cardio person. Only have yoga as my workout excuse. Hehe.

    If you asked me before the run, I'd say "OMG OMG OMG!".

    But once you get to the finish line, you'll have this sorta euphoric satisfaction = insane thoughts that you might want to try out for 15km run in a few months time.

  3. I was asthmatic when I was a kid and the doc advises me to avoid cats. But did I listen? Owh big no-no, I kept on hugging and kissing all the cats I can get my hands on. *LOL* The result was suddenly I have no more asthma problems and I was kinda immune to cats' fur already. Now having my own babies I always keep them clean and indoors only as actually the more you let your cats to roam outside, the more danger they are prone to and also the many diseases they can get and also might affect the owners too..
    Anyway I'm much more sensitive to dust rather than cats' fur, just a little od dust and I can get sneezy the whole day but with cats I just can gomol2 them 24/7! *LOL*

    Running like a ninja Naruto style?????? :D
    For sure you must used up quite some chakras right? :D

  4. LOL! SAME HERE! After 14 yrs, I learn some tricks to not get allergic to them. I always have lint roller with me whenever I go back home. My cats are in my parents house btw.

    Too bad they're partially outdoor-indoor cats. My maid likes to bring them out in the day time, but they're basically indoor for 20hrs.

    When you run Naruto style, there's always the 'kyubi' red chakras stored somewhere. Hahahaha! You watch Naruto too? :D *high five*

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