Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Singing to the Sesame Street

My "I never grow up" shirt

My mom used to tell me when I was as young as 3 years old, I would wake up early in the morning (without disturbing my parents) and watch Sesame Street. The opening song "Sunny dayyy, sweeping out clouds awaaayyy.." would cheer any kids or kids alike...up until now.

My favorite characters? Gosh too many of them. When I feel silly and willy, it's Ernie. When I wanna be chatty and curious, I'll look up to Big Bird, when I feel like singing, Kermit's my man and when I feel hungry and longing for cookies....well, you know who, right?

Just want to share you some starry, singing moments on the sunny Sesame Street. Enjoy!

James Blunt singing Triangle: You're Beautiful

Piano lady, Norah Jones singing Don't Know Why feat. Elmo and the letter Y. This is my favorite.

OMG! Old skool Backstreet Boys boybanding with Elmo

The laundry, Jason Mraz and his guitar

Adam Sandler doing what he likes to do, making up songs!

You started to realize how old is Sesame Street when you see a younger Julie Andrews singing with my green man, Kermit.

This post is brought to you by the letter 'R' for Roze and 'B' for 'Bing bang you hit me like a Boomerang'!


  1. I would say my fave character when I was a kid would be Barney, I did grew up singing 'I Love You' and once when I was in The States I wrote a note to the principle, the lyrics of Barney's song..*LOL*
    Still Sesame Street rocks too! :)

  2. LOL! You must be a lot younger than I am. I don't think Barney was around in mid 80's. Which part of States is it? I live in IL for a few years, though I can't remember much....except for Sesame Street. Hahaha!

  3. *LOL* I think I'm only a year younger than you but I can only remember Barney as my fave show when I was a kid but I also do remember glued to the TV watching some Bollywood's flicks.. :D
    I was in OKC, stayed that for 3years as my family went there for my dad's studies...
    I miss staying there, even went for trips across The States with other Malaysian families and took pictures at every signboard 'Welcome to...'.. :D

  4. Hm, probably cos I was there from '85-'89 I guess. Oklahoma City?!!! That's like a few miles away from HANSON!!! Bestnyer. Same here, was born there when my dad did his master. Had a lot of nature trips in the States since my parents are very much into those. Most I can remember is Yellowstone park and Niagara falls :)


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