Friday, March 19, 2010

A thing or two on party planning...

Autograph card cum photo frame - Sex & the City style

First of all, I'm not a full time party planner although I've organized several parties for some good friends of mine and I gotta say, the awesome thing about party planning is to be able to come up with unthinkable stuff within a limited amount of time. It will be crazy messy during production time but afterwards, looking back (especially from the party photos), you'll be satisfied and happy to know that you've done it and all the happy faces of people who come to the party.

Please eliminate this negative vibe, "I'm not creative enough!". If you can write your own signature, then YOU ARE CREATIVE! And if you're out of ideas, GOOGLE is your best friend. Get the right keywords, search for images, and you'll be surprised on cool stuff you find online *trying to point to Roze Boomerang* hahaha!

I bought this book called "I Like You" by Amy Sedaris at MPH for 113.90. I don't normally buy expensive books (not even graphic books) but this book is definitely a love at first sight - in a good way. It has a lot of quirky and fun tips on how to be a good host and party tips and ideas. Also comes in a soft cover (all black and white) at RM66.00, but the hard cover version is more worth it cos it comes with colorful illustration. Even if you don't wanna buy it, just have a look-see at any big local book store like Border's, MPH or Kinokuniya :)

Tiki Party for the Tikiman. You can buy this Tiki torch at any Ace Hardware. I think this is about RM19.90 The mascot is made from a 'trash' polystrene board I found nearby my apartment and it's painted using poster colors.

If you want a party to remember, you need to fix a theme for it. Don't just simply come up with the usual theme party, get a background check on the celebration or the person you're throwing a party to.

Color Scheme
Say, if Sex & City is your pick, you need to focus on certain color scheme. For this night, I chose the colors Pink (main color), Silver, Gold, Black and purple (as secondary colors). It's okay to mix and match, but my advice, stick to it, otherwise you'll get a massive headache during shopping/hunting time.

Bought this candle holder for RM3.50 per piece, but I got another 70% discount for this at Contact, Sect 9. Amazing!

This is very important. Big or small, it doesn't matter cos you can always work around it.

Gold and silver candles at Art Shop, Garden's Midvalley

Don't just limit yourself to places like party shops. You'll be surprised to see a lot of stuff in hardware store and art shops.

Add Image
Mobile phone jewelery pasted on a champagne glass

Places I like to hunt for party resources;
  1. Ace Hardware, Pyramid/Midvalley
  2. Art Shop at Garden's Midvalley
  3. YYG at Sect 9, Shah Alam (cheap costume accessories for kids and also adults). I bought feather boas here and it's SO cheap! Even the wigs here cost less than RM20!!!
  4. Contact, Sect 9, Shah Alam: Cheap, unique stuff! Definitely a hidden gem!
  5. Balloon Buzz
  6. Daiso, IOI Mall: Japanese cheapo wonder all RM5!
If a cowboy's weapon is his gun, then a party planner's gun is a GLUE GUN! A must have item but please be careful with it :D

Hardware store is your friend!

See what I mean? Messy 'ol spaghetti! So...KFC anyone? :D

Food & Beverage

Keep it simple, especially if its for guests less than 10 pax. Avoid all the soupy, sloppy food. Having done a lot of gatherings and dinner, I started to realize that finger food is more convenient for parties (to prepare and eat), or at least have 1-2 heavy main course to satisfy the hungry ones. If you like to make desserts, you can invest on a dozen of shot glasses. You can use these tiny glasses to make creme caramel, drinks and even this recipe I've invented below.

Crushed strawberries (I use spoon/garlic crusher) + dash of castor sugar to balance up the soury taste of strawberries. Lastly, top it with whipped cream and chopped dark chocolates. YUM!!

Guitar Heroes!!!

Party activities
If you have party games like wii, guitar hero/rockband or traditional games like Taboo the you're pretty much set. If you don't, not to worry. You can't plan what the guests want to do, as most of them will probably busy catching up with each other, some will eat..As long as you have a few standalone activities for the guests, as a host, all you can do is just sit back and enjoy the show ;)

Today's post is dedicated to that one special birthday boy! Happy Birthday, Vic!


  1. it has been quite a long time ago since i last got involved in a party planning.. very fun to be honest =)

  2. Yeap, it is. Very chaotic and fun at the same time :D

  3. roze, i really think u should sell your party planning services. ill bet you can make good money out of it. and yes, party planning is a ton of fun!

  4. @ Era: Hmm, maybe I should do that soon... It's the paper work part (the finance + business plan) that I just don't bother to work on. 8}


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