Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A trip to Dr Ting @ Jalan Imbi

Norman Rockwell's Girl at Mirror

Another chapter of my acne shenanigans has been transcended to finding the country's best dermatologist (so they say), known as Dr. Ting, hail from the older side of Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Imbi.

For the past two months since early Jan, I've been...
  • on a strict diet: Less sugar, less oily food, vege lunch twice a week
  • double up my water intake from 1L to 2L
  • obsessively conscious about my beauty regime, though I've try not to overload my face with products
  • washing my linens every 2 weeks
  • the usual weekly yoga
  • flashing my pizza face to the public most days of the week
  • started taking Evening Primrose Oil
But nope, no hope....

My strange transformation
My pimply face will prune up for two days, and it will ballooned again the next day...and so the cycle continues.

Deep in my crazy mind, I started to think that my pimples are caused by an alien...just like the alien symbiote that makes Spider-man 'black' symbiote..hahaha!

Since most of the hardwork didn't seem to pay off, I need a miracle. That's when my sis told me about Dr Ting.

She says,
"This guy is no joke. My friend's pimples clear up after one month of prescription and she's doing pretty good that she doesn't need the follow-up prescription".

Reading all the testimonials from forums and blogs, I decided to make an early move to the clinic. Better still, using public transportation.

I got to be honest, I'm a bit terrified on venturing this part of KL on my own. I don't have a car, so public transportation is my best option. Check out the sign I found at KL Monorail. But hey, life's an adventure! ;)

Based from the map I found here, The square is where I was from - Bukit Bintang monorail. It's much more nearer to stop here than stopping at Imbi, even though the clinic is at Jalan Imbi itself. From there, walk straight to Park Royal Hotel, and turn left to the shop lot area. When you walk straight, you will see 7 eleven on your right *you're not there yet*. Half way walking, I stopped by at a convenience store and asked an old uncle the direction to the clinic. The old Chinese uncle was so friendly to go out of his store and point me to the right direction. Walk furthermore till you see Hong Leong Bank on opposite direction. I think from there, you can find the distinctive, flesh colored clinic named 'Pakar Kulit Ting'. For some reason there's also another 7 eleven next to the clinic.

Woops, a super early 'visitor', camping out

I reached there at 8am sharp and was lucky to be the patient #2. I read in most forums that patients have to wait for 3-5 hours to see the doc, I guess in this case, you just have to come very early, that's all.

8.54 am - More than 20 patients waiting in front of the clinic. You can see Berjaya Time Square in the background.

Unfortunately, even though I'm the early birds, the clinic staff were having problem opening the metal door. It took them about an hour to pull up the door. The minute the clinic is open, I've only waited for 5 mins until my name was called!

Like what others told me, my consultation only lasted for 5-10 minutes. Dr Ting came in the room with his bow tie and mirrored head gear and just frowned at the sight of my face.

Dr: Are you single?
Me: Yes (Er...you're not hitting on me are you? LOL!)

Dr: Do you have kids?
Me: No. (Do I even look like a mother? T_T)

I'm kinda guessing that those are some basic questions for him to prescribe me for hormone pills? I'm not sure. At the end, the whole fee including one full pack of green pills, facial cleanser, toner, spot cream and pimple gel costs RM150 for first timer including consultation.

All in all, I've had 3 trips to Dr Ting, my last time was in Feb 2011, when the breakout hits again. Like the first time, it takes two weeks for me to feel the difference (my acne stops growing and new one starts to lessen). This time I really (try) to stick to the pill routine and use all the external creams properly, and boy it made all the difference!

Name: Dr Ting Hoon Chin,
Ting Skin
Specialist Clinic 136, Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2144-4848. Fax: 03-2145-2659

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  1. Hye there..
    Just discovered your blog and I find it very useful.. :)
    Can't wait for your after result review..Best of luck! ;)
    (Will considered going to that clnic after reading your result..heh..)

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Zee! Yeah, will update the post at least after 2 weeks. Keep it locked in ;)

    Update so far, its already been 4 days with med/external application, and no new breakouts popping (thank God!). I just have to constantly remind myself not to pick on my face, which is SO hard to do when you have ugly acne. My next mission is to get a concentrate Vitamin E oil to fade away the pimples blemish mark ;)

  3. Owh, we're the same type! I also will pick on my face when I see the pimples are already 'cooked' enough...lol...
    Luckily for the past few years the pimples started to fade away and leaving visibly scars as I have quite light brownish skin...huhu..
    I noticed my skin started to improve when I changed to Artistry by Amway but now I've stopped using them as I find it hard to find the skincare, need to find the dealer and all...
    Do you have any recommendations on skincare for the normal to oily or acne type? I've read your post on the Body Shop Tea Tree range and considering changing to that maybe, how's the price range for the whole set? Any idea? I kept forgetting to check myself on that, rarely go there...
    Thanks for entertaining my questions anyways.. ;)

  4. Hey, Good luck on your treaments on those pimple,I've been using Dr ting product for already 3 month, Dr ting medicine really works!
    And Hope im still keep recovering.. ^^

  5. Hi Zee. Its my pleasure replying your qs :) Love to help.

    I wrote a summary on The Body Shop range at this post http://www.rozeboomerang.com/2010/02/know-your-body-shop-know-yourtea-trees.html

    There are two possible candidates for your skin.

    1. Seaweed skin care: For Oily/combination. This range does a great job on controlling shine. If you rarely have pimples/breakout, then this is the stuff for you.
    2. Tea tree skin care: For acne prone skin. I used two of this product and I love this so much. I thought it would have a dry effect, but instead it leaves my face hydrated and clean most of the time.

    The whole set for Tea tree is RM133 (facial wash, toner, moisturiser). If you buy in March, they'll be a March promo (3rd item for 50%), so the total price will be cheaper.

    As for seaweed is RM141 (normal price) for facial wash, toner, moisturiser. Can also get 50% off on the third item :)

    I like to refer the info at this site http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/. I think they'll be a new Malaysia Body Shop website sometime this year. YAY!

  6. @ Anonymous: Thank you and good luck to you too. Gotta visit Dr Ting again for follow up check, even though its ok already.

  7. Wow, you are really a Body Shop Encyclopedia..*lol*
    I hardly go to Body Shop as my monthly expenditures never allowed me to spend there..heh..
    But now since I find Artistry hard to get, I want to the get a new brand and stick with it and Body Shop seems very much easily to get nowadays..
    I don't think I have serious acne problems, it happens only when the menstrual moments and also when my itchy fingers just like to pop here and there, so 'padan muka' for me la but I find this habit really difficult to end now..*lol*
    So therefore because of that the scars are quite visible plus with my light brownish skin so I think we kinda have the same skin problems..
    Lucky when I'm out the scars are easily hidden with some natural makeup..fuhh..
    From your positive review, I think I'm going to give the Body Shop Tea Tree range a try and hope will stick with me for a lifetime..
    Just for once I want to go out with just some light powder on my face without the whole routine of makeup with foundation and all...huhu...

  8. Haha, just for you.. actually I have to give them a call on the exact price for the whole set. Good info for me too.

    Bare in mind, what works for me might not work for you. I used to have the occasional pimple popping up during that time of the month or when I'm stressed. If you wanna try the tea tree set without breaking the bank, try on the starter travel kit first. So far, I haven't tried on their facial wash/foam, exfoliator scrub and their toner yet, so I'm not sure how good it is. But from reviews, a lot of ppl tend to like the gel wash and the exfoliator.

    The tea tree that I'm using now are;

    1. Tea tree blemish fade night lotion: My favorite! I love this for the fact that I woke up in the morning without an oily face! It helps to minimise the post blemish marks and discoloration (reading from the bottle description)

    2. Tea tree mask: As I wrote here, I'm actually wearing it now. Just got out of shower and as usual, my face feels dry. I put on this mask and it has the distinctive heat effect cos the mask is medicated (tea tree). Unlike the usual clay mask, when rinsed off, this mask doesn't dry out the skin...it retains a bit moist for your face, which I totally LOVE!

    3. Tea tree oil (10 ml bottle): My friend and I talked about this, and we kinda agree that somehow, some products work the first time and after that, your face seems to 'immune' to the effect. I used this oil for my big pimple and it seems to work the first time. After that..the effect varies. "skejap ok, skejap tak..."

    Only later to found that this oil works on the pimple that is new or about to erupt. But beside pimples, this oil has a LOT of other benefit. Since its anti bacterial, you can use it as antiseptic, after you picit or pop the pimple. Think of it like the minyak gamat for mat salleh. Hahaha..

  9. Hye again!
    With all the positive reviews I had google and read on Body Shop Tea Tree finally I successfully purchased them today! Yeah!
    Actually I really need to buy a new set of skincare as my old ones are just about to finish..lol..
    I bought the face wash for rm48, the toner for rm40 and the moisture lotion for rm48, because of this month promotion on the third item at 50% less so all the cost added up to only rm113.00...
    Thinking of buying the other tea tree product but it's not a must for me now as I want to focus on the basic first and also I'm out of budget.. :P
    Finally I hope this choice will last for a lifetime as Body Shop products are quite easy to get and within the range of my budget..

  10. Yeah, I know what you mean on the budget. Wish you could get the whole set, but must stick to the 'needs' than 'wants'.

    Yay! Let me know the updates on it as I myself haven't really tried the wash and toner - I jumped straight to the tea tree mask which I truly LOVE and the night lotion that protect my face every night from 'sleep oils'. Your face might need a few days to adjust to the tea tree ingredients. Some might feel the slight stingy effect, which for me I find it as the 'tea tree medicating mode'. LOL!

  11. hey!!
    im also seeing dr ting..=D..went for almost a year..my face became spotless in 7 months!..but the i stopped..and now im having breakouts again..i guess i have to visit him once again!!nice blog btw!very informative!

  12. Thanks for reading, Fashion Diva. My face is doing much better than my crazy breakout a few months back. Still need to combat the scars though. Wish Dr Ting would prescribe/recommend me with a cure or solution :)

  13. I've been seeing Dr Ting for years and very happy with the result. But now, I am living in Canada and I can not get the skin care product. Can someone help me, please!!I am sick & tired of trying to get a good skin care product here.

  14. Hi Anonymous. Shall we welcome you back to Malaysia? :D

  15. Unfortunately not yet...My husband is Canadian and I just give birth to a baby girl, so it's pretty hard to travel right now.

  16. Hi,

    I just found out your blog about Dr ting. It is very helpful and informative indeed. :) I've been having acne and pimple ever since i came back to Malaysia and been trying different skin care products as well, but it didn't seem to work. *sob..sob..*. I am trying to find a good dermatologist in KL. Most people says Dr. Nathan or Dr Ranjit. But your blog review seems to convince me about Dr Ting. hehe.. :p so i wanna ask a bit about your follow-up with him? Btw, did u make appointment or just walk-in there for your first time? Thanks :)

  17. The pills that Dr Ting provided me really helps on decreasing the incoming pimples and the sudden acne situation I had at the time, which I'm guessing is the hormone pills. I don't fancy the gel, and the rest of the 'apply-on' meds, cos it has high content on benzoyl peroxide (which I'm not a fan of). More info on the meds, go to http://www.rozeboomerang.com/2010/03/battle-of-impurities.html

    Nah, I don't think there's such thing as appointment (by phone). The appointment for Dr Ting's case is when you go there and set up the time that you want (if you wanna come in later) or just walk-in (must go there super early, then you don't need to wait ;)

    My face now: Is getting much better, not because of Dr Ting, it's because I discover my own formula of taking care of my acne. You have to discover and experiment on what skin products suit you.

  18. hey gurl, im wondering did u face the itchiness whn u used dr ting's treatments? i had been using his medicine for 1 week and it cz itchiness on my face as well as some wheals on my face dat dunhv pimples on it. so im kinda worried.
    my acne were gettting better but i feel dat my pores r getting larger than b4 and this worry me...

  19. Hello there. Hmm, I'm not sure you're using the same meds I got http://www.rozeboomerang.com/2010/03/battle-of-impurities.html, but did you happen to dab on the skin color liquid 'spot on' on the place where you didn't have pimples? If yes, then you might wanna reduce using that or worse, you might be allergic to benzoyl peroxide.

    I've stopped using Dr Ting after two months, cos he kept giving me the same set of meds. I found the pills useful to control the amount of pimples, but not a fan of the toner and spot on.

    My advice, once your face and pimples are healed, you don't really need to continue using all acne products cos it can dry up your face entirely. And if your use drying products on your face, your face will automatically produce more oil (naturally). I'm using a mild toner, but still using my acne cleanser (most acne cleanser are already mild) and when big zits or new pimples emerge, I dabbed tea tree oil. Don't squeeze please. It's natural and very unlikely to get allergic from it. Keep your face as hydrated as possible (not too dry, not too oily)

    And yes, drink more water. It really helps. And don't touch your face with un-clean hands. It's best to use the back of the hand cos it's less likely to get dirty ;)

    Hope these helps. If you have more questions, feel free to ask. Good luck ;)

  20. may i know, what is your own formula to maintain your skin. Do you mind to share with me?

  21. Hi Isaac.

    It's my pleasure! Will try my best to summarize some of my formulas, which I think is still in beta mode, hehe.

    1. HYGIENE
    I think this is quite important. Clean the stuff that you're most likely to keep in contact with your face like towels, blanket, mobile phone case, makeup brush and even your hand cos these are the stuff that will bring in bacteria to your face, thus in results will cause breakouts.

    You don't necessary need to clog your face with 100% acne products. You need to examine your face and see what your face need. My face is oily, but technically, its actually dehydrated. My face is naturally producing more oil because of that. I like to mix and match my products: 3/4 (Hydration) + 1/4 (acne medication). Here are the essentials of my acne products:

    Facial cleanser: I use a mild cleanser, pH balanced. In the morning, I wash my face using mild cleanser and after work (in the evening), I am using acne cleanser (a little medicated).

    Toner: Like cleanser, I like my toner to be mild and hydrating. I started to abandoned The Body Shop tea tree toner because I find it a little drying. And for some reason, I like to apply my toner with clean fingers instead of cotton, because I feel the cotton kinda sucked out too much toner than my face.

    Moisturizer: I am using two moisturizer at once not sure if its highly recommended, haha! The first layer, I'm wearing acne moisturizer and I always finish it up with pats of vitamin C spf (in the day time) and vitamin E moisturiser (at night).

    Exfoliator & Mask: I do this once/twice a week. Your face will love it.

    Acne treatment: I dab Tea tree oil on my acne every night.

    You are what you eat. Try to implement some healthy food as part of your diet. Take baby steps to this.

    Water: Increase water intake, decrease sweet/soda water intake. Bring a water tumbler to work/school so you can monitor your optimum water consumption.

    Fruits: To crave my sweet tooth, I eat fruits like papaya, kiwi and guava (without assam). As for vege, my fav is the KFC salad meal, haha!

    Hope that answers a bit of your question. Just listen your body, try to imagine if your body can speak, what would it tell you to do.

    Thanks for swinging by, Isaac :)

  22. Will breakout come back again once you have stopped taking medication? Thank you

  23. That depends on how severe is your acne. My sister's friend told me that it took her only 1 month to recover, but that's not the case for me.

    I suffered from adult acne early this year. Read more about adult acne here http://beauty.about.com/od/skinflaws/a/adultacne.html I started taking Dr Ting's medication for about 2 months (1 treatment each month). During my 2nd visit, I started to realize that Dr Ting been giving me the same type medication.

    Did it work? Perhaps a bit. My face started to produce less oil and it decrease the incoming pimples. But after two months of being prescription dependent (and my face still produce little breakout), I decided to do some clean up on my own, which what was mentioned on my previous comments.

  24. hi there =) well my i dont actually have severe acne. it used to be bad but now its kinda okay. What im suffering from is dark acne scars. Do u think dr ting can help me with this?

  25. I haven't tried Dr Ting for that reason, but you can give Dr Ting a go. What he usually does is diagnose and prescribe you meds, just like any clinic. If you are reaaally concern and couldn't find way for your scars, then go to him.

    I kinda have that similar prob where my acne will just 'buried' inside my skin and eventually turn into dark scars and not produce any 'head' (the yellow thingy). Is that similar to yours?

  26. yes, i think that could be the reason why i suddenly have tonnes of dark scars on my face =(
    ive tried the body shop vitamin E moisturizing cream cause apparently vitamin E helps with scars but i dont think its that effective. It has help slightly but my scars are still very visible.

    Do u use sunscreen? If yes, what brand. Im currently using loreal uv perfect. Its clogging up my pores! but if i dont use sunscreen, then pigmentation will happen and im only 19 so i really dont want to spoil my skin.

    oh and what products are u using now? have u tried figureline facial? its really good! rm68 only. hehe okay sorry for the long question. =D

  27. The Body Shop vitamin E doesn't work for me either. If you want to give vitamin E another try, maybe try getting the purevitamin E from colonial dammes (with higher UI). Haven't tried those yet.

    I am using The Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturiser spf 30+ after my tea tree moisturizer. Even with my oily skin, I find that my face is a little dry after using my tea tree. It's quite light, but I like to pat/tap it on my face instead of rubbing it.

    Haven't tried or heard of figureline. Is it good?

  28. hey i've just visited dr ting today..got the cleanser & the spot which smells like alcohol..and the green/blue antibiotic pills (doxycycline)..

    my acne got worse this 2 months so it's still bearable though it's still depressing to have it..more to moderate acne i guess..i feel like taking the pills yet dislike the side effects..was wondering should i just apply the cleanser & spot without eating the pills..did the cleanser & spot improve ur condition? u just stopped using the cleanser & spot and change to new products is it?

  29. was thinking of whether other products will clash with dr ting's cleanser & spot eg. if decided to use dr ting's and see whether the skin improves, stop dr ting's after improvement and try to find suitable products...like the reaction of the ingredients...

    thanks for ur time ;p ok i think what i asked above already been answered by u but just wanna ask in case..hehe...^_^

  30. Hi Kim. To me, I think it's the other way round - The pills help me more than the spot treatment and cleanser. Maybe it works differently for you?

    I stopped using Dr Ting after my 2nd time cos he kept giving me the same meds. My skin still have some breakout episode, but its not that severe. I hate to be dependable on the meds, so I pretty much try my own way to get out of it.

    How's my condition now? It's so-so. One day my skin would be alright, another day, small pimples would occasionally appear on chin and forehead. After the pimples recover, the scar will take about 3 months to 'disappear'.

    I no longer use any Dr Ting's stuff. My cleansers and moisturisers are mostly from The Body Shop (check out Daily Facial Regime on the right navigation). I recently discovered Burt's Bees spot treatment- will do some review on it soon :)

    Do keep asking and share your takes from Dr Ting. I do learn a lot from sharing each others experience :) Also, thank you for coming.

  31. ooh thanks for ur fast reply..actually i did twice peeling when i did my facials and tried proactiv for 2 weeks and stopped 2 weeks ago bcos it caused some bumps on the face when goin outdoor..so went to dr ting's to get cream for the allergy..and on the way,got the acne thing from him..

    i also went to dr nathan before dr ting and boy did he not only charges expensive but he gave me 3 types of pills to swallow..swallowed one isotretinoin/roaccutane then stopped immediately..though i just swallowed one, could see that one or two pimples reduced in size..scary how 1 pill can do such "miracle"..

    yea the scar takes a long time to heal..same here..wanted to try body shop too but not so sure..i tried pure tea tree serum but it didn't work - from jie jie beautician..so wondering if this tea tree will help me..but most likely will try later as i'd burnt a very very large hole in my mom's pocket..

    ooh the pills u'd taken for 2 weeks course? did u have any side effects from the pill? after the isotretinoin, am very cautious to the side effects..ooh and my mom bought aloe vera for me to eat..haha applied on my face before, hopefully it helps now..

    haha my pleasure to have stumbled upon ur blog ;p

  32. Ahh..proactiv has quite the amount of benzoyl peroxide. I've tried these and yeah, its very drying.

    It depends on what you need from The Body Shop. If you want to shrink down your existing pimples, I would suggest you use Burt's Bees Acne Spot Treatment cos The Body Shop tea tree oil is only meant for the early sign of pimples and doesn't work for the big ones.

    Side effect on the pills? Don't think I have any for me. My skin would stop producing oil, which I can see visibly when I wake up in the morning (no oil on my face).

    Oooh, aloe vera. Love that! I love toying with some natural ingredients for my face - eggs, ice, oatmeal, yogurt..etc! To me, its the safest 'products' to try on. What do you think?

  33. will look out for body shop and burt's bees..burt's bees seems like not bad...

    ah how long u'd taken the pills? maybe i can give it a try..eat for 2 weeks then stop..hahaha..the nurse said need to take for 6 months o_0...

    yea thought of putting yoghurt on the face too...

  34. Brewing a post for Burt's Bees now. :D :D Should be done within an hour.

    The first one, I took it for a month (1 prescription equals to 1 month). You can see the difference within 2 weeks to 1 month.

    Heh, the nurse is just doing her job - making more money by luring ppl in, haha.

  35. yea true true..i asked her questions like that to be asked of a doctor..lol..

    anyway, nice sharing stuffs with u here..thanks for ur repliessss..

  36. You're very much welcome :)

    I just updated a new post on Burt's Bees for you :)

  37. hello there! im actually torn between going to dr ting and trying on dermalogica. Have u tried dermalogica? Do you think its gonna be better than dr ting's meds?

  38. Hi. I haven't tried Dermalogica myself but two of my closest friends have tried it. Again, it depends on individual's condition and tolerance. From my understanding, Dermalogica uses Salycic Acid in most of their products. Although Salycic Acid derives from willow bark (which is a plant), some people might be sensitive to this ingredient.

    How's your skin condition? Both of my friends (who used/uses Dermalogica) have severe condition with adult acne and both of them have different reaction to it.

    One product that I have tried recently that contains Salycic Acid is Burt's Bees Acne Solutions Spot Treatment (you can see view my short review here http://www.rozeboomerang.com/2010/11/when-roze-met-burts-bees.html) First few times using this, my acne shrink and dries up overnight due to the Salycic Acid, but after 3 weeks, the effect kinda gone.

    As for Dr Ting, again it depends on your skin tolerance. Some people may say they only use 1 month prescription and it work for them, and some needs to follow up prescription (imagine if it takes 6 months x RM150).

    Gosh, I hope some of the info above help you in a way :). Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith and treat your skin (externally and internally) as gentle as possible. Water is a great antioxidants and to me is a major, natural, inexpensive cure for acne. And if you're looking for a prolong, mild cleanser for your skin, I recommend opting for mild cleansers like Cetaphil.

  39. oh wow, thank you so much! yes, uve helped me a whole lot! as for the price, i think dermalogica isnt that cheap either. The package that i looked at was rm299 for the clean start system. But ive read reviews and they keep saying it hasnt done much wonders to the skin. Dr ting uses high concentration of alcohol ive heard. And my skin reacts poorly towards alcohol.

    I think i have mild acne. im actually suffering more from blackheads and whiteheads. Thank you for the answer !

  40. You're welcome. I think those with severe or out of control cases can opt for Dr Ting as his meds will stabilize the skin condition. If you have milder case, then you can do some routines on your own like using mild cleanser, exfoliate twice a week, clean pillows/workplace/mobile phone and increase water intake.

    I found one useful link for you http://www.beauty-advices.com/how-to-remove-and-prevent-whiteheads/ The only thing that I don't agree with in this site is the recommendations on benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid.

  41. hai im waty...juat want to ask? why dont dr ting make buy online product.? for those already see dr thing.and know what khind of product they need.? it is more easy.for those very far away like sabah..tq

  42. Hi Waty. Hm, now that'll definitely make him 10x times richer than he already is :) Dr Ting is more of clinic based doctor and you need to be certified to sell drugs online if I'm not mistaken. Have you been to Dr Ting before?

  43. Hey babe! It's me Sabrina again :) was telling you that I was gonna go visit Dr Ting after reading your blog. But just to share my experience, I ended up going to Dr Koh instead, in Damansara Uptown, this one: http://www.cosmeticsurgeryandbeauty.com/directory/malaysian-dermatologists/dr-koh-chuan-keng - you heard of him? Went there cz frankly Imbi is really kinda far for me cz I'm based in Kelana Jaya and also I did research online and read some good reviews about him. And the best part is you don't need to line up at 8am and wait for hours - I was there at 9am and the clinic was empty, so I was the lucky first patient.

    Dr Koh took a look at my skin and he straightaway prescribed Roaccutane, and suggested that I may need to be on the meds for up to 6 months, depending on how fast my skin reacts to it. It's so damn expensive though: per pill is 6 bucks and has to be taken everyday. So the box of 30 tablets was a grand total of RM 180! He also prescribed Cetaphil cleanser and an acne treatment gel called Tidact. Everything was RM 290!!! So expensive.

    Heard of bad side effects of the use of Roaccutane: http://www.acne.org/accutane.html. Am skeptical but I guess since I already paid for it, am just gonna go on with it first. So did Dr Ting ever prescribed this to you? He only gave you antibiotics right?

  44. Hi Sabrina,

    I've never tried Accutane before, maybe because my condition is not that severe. From my understanding, Accutane is one of the typical meds given to treat severe acne. I also haven't even heard of Tidact. And wow, RM290 sounds so expensive for 1 month treatment :0. Perhaps you can give the meds a go since you've paid for it already.

    Yes, he actually prescribed me one type of orak medication. I'm not sure what the green capsule is actually. It could probably be his own mix of meds.

    Let me know how it goes and good luck! :)

  45. hi roze,
    a great info u giving us!
    really need to thank you!^^
    i got a serious acne scars problem on my face,
    and now i was like OMFG WTH my face so many brownish spots!!
    Im planing to see Dr.Ting next week!
    and i got a few question,
    1) is there need make any appointment on call before i went to her clinic?
    2) the brownish scars really can be removed by taking his pills and follow what Dr.Ting said?

  46. Hi there. Glad to help :)

    Answer to your q's:
    1. No, there are no appointment needed. Mostly walk-in first come first serve, even the regular customers who have appointment. A lot of people came in as early as 7.30-8 to get a number.

    2. I've only received basic acne pills from Dr Ting, no scar remover. I remember asking him about some ideas (vit. e oil) to remove or fade my scars and he just shook his head. I think he will tell most of his patients that scar recovery will take about 6 months, depending on your skin recovery (if you take his meds). I think he's right on the 6 months recovery, but not so right on the meds part, lol!

    To me, the key is to recover your existing acne and try to prevent the future ones from coming. Depending on how severe is your scars, it will recover from time and how well you take care of your skin. Like, extracting/popping your pimple incorrect manner will leave you scars.

    Good luck on your recovery. I hope Dr Ting will be able to help you.

  47. Hi Roze,
    Thanks for blogging bout this clinic. I actually tot of going there for a visit on next week(i m from Sarawak, so gotta have full information before go there). May I know, how do u get numbers since u went there so early? Their staff work so early?

    Thank you! Btw, hows ur skin now? hope its getting better!

  48. Hi Alison! Wow, all the way from Sarawak :) The receptionist(s) will arrive early (about 20 mins early) and take number by collecting patients IC.

    I've only taken two months of prescriptions and the rest after that, I changed my diet and habit completely without depending on any meds. The med helps to reduce my oil production temporary, but I don't want to have to depend on it any longer.

    Diet change like increasing water intake really makes the pimples and acne production reduced than using various acne treatment product. Now I'm only using non acne mild cleanser cos acne products can be really drying and leave no moisture on skin.

  49. do not stop the treatment course he gave you abruptly. the pills he gave you are DoxyCycline. it's an antibiotic. you can't cut the treatment course unless he tells you so otherwise you'd risk a worse outbreak. so be careful dear. tc

  50. Hi there. Woops, I did stop after two months and didn't have much outbreak, I guess it depends on some individuals? Sigh, he did mention that the pimples might go away within 6 months or so, but does it mean I have to go through the meds for 6 months, in order for it to really go away?

    The breakouts on my face is lessening these days, but lately I can feel a few tiny acne buried underneath. Sigh...never ending battle this is :(

  51. hi ya roze! :) I have the same acne problems too T.T I'm planning to visit Dr Ting next week so i just wanted to ask that the green pills, facial cleanser, toner, spot cream and pimple gel that he gave you can last how long ? Do i need to continuously buy it from there when they are finish ?

  52. hai roze . so how's your treatment . it's okay ? i've a bad and worst skin problem too . i need a speacialist , oh yeaah ! but i'm as student didn't have a lot of money or there's no money fall from the sky . so , from your story . the price is reasonable . just want to know . it's take a long treatment to fully okay and now did u still get the treatment ?

  53. Hi Mikie. Normally Dr Ting will prescribe to you pills, facial cleanser, toner, spot cream and pimple gel for one month, which costs about RM150-160, depending on your situation. Pills will definitely need to be consume for one month, and the others (gel, toner, etc) will probably last 1-2 months, depending how much you use it.

    Unfortunately yes. The major downside of using Dr Ting's pills is that you need to use it continuously for 6 months minimum to see the results. I have yet to 'see' and 'experienced' myself as I stopped using his meds after 2 months.

    Btw, I just went to Dr Ting again...I'm not sure if I'm gonna regret it, but I am trying to push for 6 months to see the results. I've asked for 3 months of pills + gel + spot on since I still have some left overs on toner (RM270). As for cleanser, I am using Cetaphil, which most dermatologist will prescribe.

    I just chatted with my friend who's been using Dr Ting for 1.5 years and she told me the pros and cons of Dr Ting. She told me it works, but it comes with a lot of side effects - dry skin/lips, headache, etc. Again, this depends on the individuals. Best if you consume a lot of water when you consume his meds.

    It's the matter of whether you want to be committed to prescribing 6 months of prescription cos that's when you see results, according to Dr Ting (to me). My face is consider mild - medium acne.

  54. Hi Fatihah,

    Wish I could tell you the verdict, but since I've stopped using it after 2 months from this post date, my pimples kinda come and go and come again.

    Continuing from my previous comment, I just chatted with my friend who's been using Dr Ting's med for 1.5 years and she's not that keen on pills side effects. Instead, she recommended me to this doc in Jinjang which is probably the better doc than Dr Ting and he's cheaper. Good thing is she's also a blogger. I've asked her to share her experience on the new doctor. Stay tuuuune! You might be interested on the other doc.

  55. haiyaaa ! i'm dillema . i've plan to go his clinic on this saturday . my friends told me . all skin treatment at least for 6 month and if we stop before 6 month it's getting worst and need long time treatment and it's maybe take 1 years . errghh ! the other dr from jinjang ? where's jinjang ? i can't wait . HAHAHA . i'm really need speacialist , eceeehh ! i dont wanna be alien . yuckk . and i've worst itch too . TAK TAHAN !!!!!

  56. Woahh for 6 months? I don't think i can buy those stuffs for six months coz im just a student lol. Headaches and dry lips for the side effects is still okay for me , im just worry those acne will return and attack me even worst! >< I think i'll reconsider visiting dr ting haha. Thanks for the info ! :)

  57. I feel you, Fatihah! Most of my big acnes are the itchy type. Have to resist not to scratch, huhu. Kalau gatal sangat, tempek skit guna tisu bersih. Medicine aside, keeping yourself healthy and clean are the two most vital steps to prevent incoming pimples. Old pimples, just try your best to 'shrink' it using spot on acne treatment.

    Yes, Mikie, 6 months. Even working person like me also feel 'broke'. Will give you all an update when my friend is done writing entry on the dr from Jinjang. She told me that his meds is 1/5 cheaper than Dr Ting. I just knew this after I went to Dr Ting...aiseh!

  58. hey there roze! i love your review about dr ting. Im just wondering he uses a lot of chemicals for the treatment right? Since my skin isnt that bad and i usualy just have 1 pimple for about 2 weeks and thats it. So im not pretty sure that going to dr ting is the best solution. However, after using my facial's brand of products i get small2 breakouts(not sure what its called..its like small "biji2" heheh) So thats when i stopped using all these chemical based products.

    U mentioned u used cetaphil? i know its knwn to be gentle but is it good enough to get rid of mild acne? oh and have u tried a more natural kind of face products like skinfood?

  59. Hi there, thanks for reading. Yikes, I wrote a long answers for you but darn blogspot, it erased my feedback :(

    Yes, he basically prescribe pills to most acne patients and you have to follow up for about 6 months. So for your situation I would strongly discourage you from going to Dr Ting cos only those with heavy acne or those with bad sudden reactions will suit his meds.

    Where is your biji2 at? I used to have some on my forehead but after I've managed to reduce some of them after wearing headbands and hair clips.

    Cetaphil is quite excellent on any general use of facial cleansing, regardless of oily, sensitive or normal skin. Just purchase the normal type, I even used this. I find acne facial cleanser to be a bit drying and harsh for everyday use, even tea tree cleanser.

    I haven't sampled skin food products yet, but I've tried mostly from The Body Shop. The key is gentle for cleanser. One of my friends even use Johnson & Johnson baby bar soap, recommended by dermatologist and it works wonders for her. She tried big brands like Estee Lauder, Kiehls, etc, and funny thing, a cheap, inexpensive stuff works wonders!

  60. Thank you so much for your super infomative answer! the small pimples (biji2) usually comes out at my chin and around my upper lip. My facial lady said its cause i rub my face too strong whenever i wash my face. Which is why id rather just change my cleanser rather than complicating my cleansing routine.

    Im trying this "green tea milk cleanser" from skinfood. Seems okay for me...kind of.. its a bit too gentle though. So i was thinking of using my skinfood cleanser as a pre-cleanser then use cetaphil after that. lol, im sorry if im asking you as if ure like a skin specialist or something. uve been very helpful so far! loveee your blog. even read the cetaphil review. hehe thanks! oh u can just call me sarah =)

  61. Hi Sarah! You're very welcome. Glad my answer has helped you, and that's my main goal of having this blog. Not much of a skin specialist, but having quite a number of acne episodes, I feel its worth sharing with the readers and help figure it out together.

    Upper lip and chin areas are perhaps the most delicate parts of the face, so it's quite tough cookie to pick the pimples there, right? These are just my guess, but maybe the pimple could cause by blocked pores where the hair follicles are. Have you done any threading, wax or any other hair removal before? Are your tiny pimples the type where you can see the 'eyes', or the type where the acne is buried inside the skin?

    As for the green tea milk cleanser, I think it sounds very much like Cetaphil's watery characteristic, where it's too gentle, you wanna wash it twice. Don't worry, typically most organic, natural products are always light than any normal cleaning agent but it does the job well on cleaning too. I would suggest to give the skinfood cleanser another couple of weeks until you're used to the 'gentle' feeling. If it breaks out on you, than you can consider changing it. I wouldn't recommend having two cleansers cos it might irritate your skin more.

    Cleanser is just one of the tricks to acne-free skin. Of course there are also, toner, moisturiser and spot-on treatment to consider. With so much products that we are feeding, at the end, we should listen to our skin and judge it for ourselves on what is the best for us :)

  62. mmm im not quite sure. some of it comes out easily when i press it out. But i wouldnt dare to do it myself. So i go for facial once a month.do u press it out yourself or did it just disapear when u started wearing the hairbands? and no, ive never gone for treading or waxing. too scared! haha

    Someone mentioned figureline? ive been there too. They're good! The products i mentioned on the previous posts is figureline products. I also used body shop tea tree once but it was just soo strong that it broke my skin out so bad. Then i tried the figureline's acne cleanser and it cleared my skin within a month. maybe when u decide to go for facial u can go for figureline too. hehe.

    about the skinfood, yes i think im going to give it 2 weeks to see whether it works. Yesterday i went to guardian they had promotion for cetaphil. 2 bottles of cetaphil gentle cleanser and 1 moisturizer costs rm78. super cheap! hehe.

  63. Hi there. The hairbands (or anything that can pull away your hair from your face) only works if you have pimples/acne on your forehead. Of course, it won't cure your existing pimples, but it will prevent from upcoming ones.

    Will find out more on figureline. Seems to have good reviews from y'all. Must try soon.

    Good luck on the skin food ;). And wow, that's quite a good promo there.

  64. i'm still waiting post about dr from jinjang , HAHAH . i have prob like sarah too . it's like rashes and comes out only around chin and right side of my lips (i've heavy acne on my right face side only ). and its attack me once a month and leave ugly scar . herghh ! hate it . one of my friends told me . skin speacilist recommend to use facial foam like netreogena . i just want clean face . HAHAH , baru la cun melecun kan ???

  65. hi here,,,i see through the post above..mentioned that if u stop taking the medication then will have the breakout again??tat's why i still hesitate to go for antibiotic prescription.u heard about skinclub?i saw some post in forum mentioned about this dermalogical centre that can cure acne skin..now i duno should go for dr.ting or skinclub?any advice for me?i feel like hiding myself not to meet people cause of my acne skin...

  66. Fatihah, girl, I'm still waiting as much you too! LOL! Maybe it's too good of an info, it takes awhile for her to write it? Hehe. Yeah, I heard Neutrogena does the job too, but it doesn't seem to work on me. Maybe it might work for you? My best friend and I once had this long discussion in a pharmacy on Neutrogena some time ago, whether to choose the oily or the gentle one? Hahaha. The info can be somewhat deceiving.

  67. Hi there, anonymous.

    Wow, can't believe this post has reached 67 comments. Yeah, I've stopped sometime back (after only 2 months) and just to update, as much as I'm not a fan of meds, I begin to march back in Dr Ting's clinic for a good, last 6 months of try. To make life easier for me, I've got a 3 month prescription straight, so I don't need to visit one month after another.

    My face was doing quite well after my 2 months of using his med (in 2010), and I thought after that, I can do it on my own...eating healthy and stay clean. It works for me for a good half a year.

    And then it came again. To me, having acne on my cheeks are not something usual for me, that's why I turn to a Dermatologist cos I see it as somewhat a skin sickness. Doesn't have to be only Dr Ting, there are quite a good

    Not sure what the skin club does, would you like to share?

  68. hi roze, i'm doing a laser for my acne scar at dermlaze before i found out ur review abot dr ting. For ur info at dermlaze, the doctor also give me a pill (purple colour) which cost me 180 per bottle which i have to consume it at least 6 months..is the pills is the same as yours? and what doest the ingredients actually coz the doc. seems reluctant to reveal it ;(

  69. Hi Maksuna,

    Hmm..I am not so sure on this. Sometimes the color of the pills wont determine the content inside cos its the shells can be anything. I went to Dr Ting twice and I got different pill colors.

    Never tried laser yet, how did it go?


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