Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wipe that make up off!

Simple and St Ives facial wipes

Instead of my usual cotton pad + Maybelline make up remover, I've moved on to the wet wipes recently. I find it convenient for travel and also for the fact that it doesn't leave a greasy feeling on the eye and face, which I think is the reason why I used to have a small pimple (melia) on my brow bone since its oil based.

St. Ives Cleansing Wipes (Moisture Pack) of 40 sheets priced at around RM14.90
- It's gentle and moisturizing compared to Simple's.
- Removes the make up well from eye makeup to foundation.
- I like the plastic lid cos it stores the tissue well unlike the sticker type.
Cons: When you pull out one sheet, another sheet will come out - very tissue like. I've to push the next tissue back in using my fingers which I don't really like cos it invites germs or bacteria.

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing of 25 sheets priced at RM12.90 (discount price at Guardian)
- Cleans well. Unlike St Ives, when you pull out the sheet, the next one stays in nicely.
- Good value for money
- The wipes cleaning effect is a bit too strong, therefore leaves less moisture on my face.
- Not too fancy on the sticker lid cos I've to push out the excess air before closing the wipes.

So, if I were to buy new wipes again, I would get the St. Ives.


  1. i sometimes use wet tissues to wipe away oils as well =)

  2. I like Mac's facial wipes. The moisturizing effect is good ^^
    But I'll never buy any of it. hahaha...because I don't really think the facial wipes can remove the makeup thoroughly ler ~ I prefer cleansing oil, even it is quite leceh tough ^^ haha...

  3. @ Ken: Yeah, oil works too. For oil, I'm using blotting tissue. Have a pending review on that for this week. Stay tune ;)

    @YJia: Sure expensive if it's from MAC. How much ar?

    Yeah, true, the wipes didn't really clean thoroughly. I will wash my face after using wipes. I will only use wipes if I have a heavy make up on; mascara, eye make up, foundation, lipstick. If it's light and eye area only, I'll use cleansing oil instead.

  4. I think is rm60++ ^^ last time the SA told me the price but i've 4got bout that ^^ hehe...


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