Sunday, April 25, 2010

Teach Your Children Eco Lifestyle

TIPS FOR PARENTS: Bring a 'to-buy list' (write it on used paper or simply type in your mobile phone's note) and conduct a little treasure hunt and get your kids to help you to shop for 'hidden treasure' (groceries)

I strongly believe that it is very important to teach the children on ways to save the environment by nurturing simple habits to their daily lifestyle. In the end, it is them who will continue living in this planet and then the legacy continues.

The Eco Kids book: Great gifts for the little ones :)

Just a few days before the Earth Hour, I got to know that a friend of mine, Sarah Joan Mokhtar has illustrated a series of children's book featuring The Eco Kids (Eco Girl and Eco Boy) written by Fay Khoo and Asha Gill. I bought one of the three series for only RM10 at MPH's Bangsar Village and part of the RM1 will be donated to Unicef foundation, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know I bought it right.

I love the colorful and comical illustration of the book. The Eco Kids somehow reminds me of Wonderpets *the theme song starts to chime in my head now*. Umm, I know I might get a poke on the head for commenting this, but I found it a bit misleading to fact that paper bag is better than plastic bag. The answer is NEITHER. Though paper is biodegradable, it takes a whopping carbon footprint to produce it *chop, print, gas-out* and plastic is just almost as bad as paper - they may cheap to produce, but they are hard to get rid of!

To read more on Paper or Plastic, I've compiled a few good articles to read;

Paper or plastic — what’s the greener choice?
Paper Bags Are Better Than Plastic, Right?

Not Easy Being Green: Four Environmental Decisions We've Made for You

Let's do it for the Kids :)

Gonna end my article with this lovely cover from Crosby Stills & Nash sung by my favorite trio, Hanson. It's called "Teach Your Children".

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Destination #1: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

My hair! My hair!

To combine my trip review in Queensland and Earth Day this year, allow me to share you my magical experience in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Wherever I travel, I will always make sure that I get a glimpse of the wildlife. There are SO many animal places to visit when you're in Queensland. I was torn between Steve Irwin's Australia zoo, Currumbin Wildlife or the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

Admission price comparison;
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: A$ 44 (walk-in price) or A$ 39.60 ( online)
Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo: A$ 57
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary: A$ 30

It's not cheap to go to any of these places (if you convert AUD to RM, haha), so after a few reviews and consideration, we have decided to give Currumbin a try. It's only 20 minutes from our motel in Mermaid Beach and about 10-15 mins away from Coolangatta airport.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary proudly hails the tagline 'Get Closer', which really describes what they do - bringing the gap closer between animals and visitors without any bars or fence, although some actually are confined for protection ie. crocodiles, nocturnal critters, insects, etc.

I would advise visitors to check the show times schedule before going to the zoo. I went there after lunch, enough time for me to visit the Koala Talk at 1.40pm. Rather than reading the info sign and observing, you get interactive explanation from the crew. Very insightful indeed!

Yummy...eucalyptus! Malaysian have monkeys, Aussie have cuddly koalas!

The Barking/Winking Owl *woof wink*

Next, is the highlight of the day which I highly advised visitors to go - Free Flight Bird Show. They showcased big, stunning birds and pretty much choreographed the birds to fly pass the audience, which is oh-so-awesome!

Save the birds, save the world :) That's what I could sum up from this presentation. The show was not only an eye candy performance, the MC has also explained a lot of insightful info of how important it is to protect these endangered birds.

Who knew Air Asia is one of the main sponsors for this sanctuary. I brought my flight receipt in order to get some 'discounts' but the reception told us it only applies for Air Asia staff.

This big lizard was out in the open and walking around at this one area of the sanctuary. I get to pet its tail before the crew told us that it bites. Yikes!

You can pet and feed the kangaroos here! These furballs are so tame and laidback. Look at them lazying around.

Had a good laugh when my friend gets to perform Aboriginal dance!

Lucky us, they have 2 sessions of Lorikeet Feeding; one in the morning (8 - 9.30am) and one in the evening (4 - 5pm). Psst, psst! This feeding is held before the sanctuary entrance, so you don't really need to have an admission ticket to participate in this event.

With small amount of donation (you can donate any amount of $), the crew provided us with a steel plate and milk. It took me about 10 minutes of wait to get the bird to come to my plate of milk. I have to basically scoop one bird from nearby 'beggar' (cos that's how we look like).

You're most likely to be pooped on if you're walking around this area. If you're lucky, you might receive the 'clear' poop, otherwise, you'll get something that looks like passion fruit seeds. LOL!

I don't think this photo could describe the after effect of feeding the lorikeets. If it weren't for my 15 years of experience with cats, I would be crying or jerk halfway while feeding the birds. Haha! Man...I really tanned myself being here, judging by the shades of my hands!

All in all, it was a fantastic experience coming here! It was definitely a worthwhile visit and I love seeing the passion and the love that the crew has put in to this sanctuary.

P.S: Turns out to be lorikeets can be found everywhere throughout Queensland. I saw a bunch of them in a park somewhere in Noosa.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My 10-day travel itinerary in Queensland and NSW

My travel buddies and I (with the cam)

Hi everyone! Roze Boomerang's finally swooshing back safely in Malaysia. I've had a great blast exploring Queensland and some parts of NSW for 10 days along with three of my friends.

While I'm putting things away, cleaning the house full of trash, maps and souvenirs, allow me to share my draft itineraries/schedule for all of you who wants or will to go to Queensland in the future. It's packed with sightseeing list, must-go places and moderate activities for fellow travelers who wants a bit of everything from nature, foodies, thrill and culture. I didn't get to do exactly 100% from this draft, but I managed to cover at least 70% of this. Btw, we've rented a car (Holden Cruze to be exact) and got a Nokia powered Garmin GPS to aid us around, which proven to be very useful.

10 days Travel Itinerary for Queensland and New South Wales

Feel free to hit the comment button below and ask away some of the head scratching questions regarding traveling around Gold Coast. I can't give much answers or tips as good as the locals, but I can definitely (try to) help you all on behalf of Malaysian travelers traveling to Queensland.

Will update more stuff on details. Till then, g'day mate!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Roadtripping update from Noosa

Petting kangaroos at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Sorry folks, I've been absent from Roze Boomerang these couple of days. I'm on my 8th day of my roadtrip in Northeastern section of Australia - Queensland and also some parts in NSW. Thought I could send but by bit of updates from the motel in Gold Coast but the wi-fi connection there was terribly slow and intermittent.

Lovin' the motel I'm staying now. It's clean, huge, value for money, everything!

I am now in the beautiful and serene, Noosa, which is 1 and a half hour away from Brisbane. Currently staying at Noosa Sun Motel for 3 nights, it's pretty much my 1st day so far, considering we arrived here late in the evening yesterday...and it was raining.

Unlike the sandy Gold Coast, Noosa is very much on the river side. I love cruising around the suburb areas and sample the food at the weekend market. Such rustic and authentic feeling being here.

All faried up at Tamborine Mountain

Will update more when I get back! Need to cover as many places as possible before it gets dark. Everything is dead here after 9pm, unlike Malaysia. Hehe.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ballet & Yoga

A documentary made using Canon 5D Mark II.

Yeap, it's from an expensive DSLR! Wedding videographer in Malaysia has been widely using this for their work. What makes it so "eye candy" is the lens ability to focus manually and the stunning clarity of the picture, thus creating the cinematic look. Amazing, eh?

Ballet has been in my to-learn list for quite awhile. There's something about Ballet that intrigues me - the fluid movement, the 'fairies-like' music, that mysterious Ballerina's expression. Is she happy or just putting on a mask?

Funny thing, the two person that 'influenced' me learn Ballet are renown impressionist, Edgar Degas and the singer, Josh Groban.

Inspiration # 1 - The Star Dancer on Stage by Edgar Degas

The sketch that was inspired by Josh Groban's, So She Dances. Behold the "The praying mantis ballerina". Hahahah!

The song that made me go dancey! Inspiration # 2

Per Te from Josh Groban. Also another awesome dance in this number.

So, anyone knows a good Ballet beginner class for adults around Klang Valley? :D

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Are you Schick enough for me?

Apart from the medal, each runners in Energizer Night Race was rewarded with a goodie bag from the sponsors. I was all "ooohhhs and ahhhhss" when I saw a big, shiny green lady shaver from Schick inside. I'm not much of a shaver person since shaving makes my skin itch afterwards and worse...ingrown hair!

But hey, who wants this baby goes to waste? Look at it! It looks like it has some sorta magical power! The power to make sasquatches and yeti all clean and hairless! Haha!

No need for Shave Gel, Soap or Body Wash?
I was intrigued when I saw this. All I have to do is just wet my skin and the razor.

No scissors required. All I gotto do is just press the packaging and et voila! Open sesame!

This is FUN! They somehow make un-packaging moment enjoyable with all the guide stickers. This is way better than my usual birthday presents!

Is that a SOAP attached on the RAZOR? wonder no need shaving gel or what sortever!

Never mind lah, what to do. Hey, it also comes with a sucker hanger and a refill. EXTRA lovely! Very thoughtful and generous of them! YAY for Schick!

Extra soapy + razor head refill. Sensitive care summore! :D
The shaver handle has a rubbery grip and it's very light.

Now, let's go to the bathroom and test drive this baby!

Snip snapping ends here for now, haha!

So, I stepped in the shower and make sure all my body are wet. Better, just go ahead and shower lah. Just like manicure theory, its advisable to moisten up the skin (cuticles) so there will be less friction when you shave. For me, I pat a bit of the sugary scrub and make sure my skin is smooth and extra moist.

A wet Schick and a wet me, it's a razor of truth!

I'd say it was kinda weird, but rather funny and enjoyable to see how the razor performed an all in one with the soaping and razoring at the same time. The soap contains aloe vera so it does smells a li'l medicated to me, but still nice. The downside of it is that it's hard to pull out the hair in between cos the soap part gets in the way. I've tried poking out the hair using my finger, but don't do that! PLEASE, BE CAREFUL!!! Just run it down with water. Good thing they have two 'eject' button to un-attach the razor head. moment. I'd say it was a little better than the normal shave. Still a bit prickly, but yet softer, hairless feeling. I'm scratching my leg as I write now, not sure if that's the after effect.

I was looking around my room for a shave relief and I found this from my beach gear. Banana Boat's Aloe Vera Gel! Seems like a perfect match for an after shave. It can be used to soothe minor burns, skin irritations, dry, rough and sunburned skin. It does have a slight aloe-icky feel to it, but hey, it feels good!

Love: The rubbery grip, lightweight, the extra stuff (re-fills and the hanger). Schick made this razor a personal thing from the un-packaging to the shaving time.
Downer: The soap position around the razor, which makes it harder to pull out the hair in between.
Boome-rating: 7.5 out of 10

Update (Apr 6): Just like a grass, the hair grows back again....gosh. Maybe I should go for waxing after all...
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