Thursday, April 1, 2010

Are you Schick enough for me?

Apart from the medal, each runners in Energizer Night Race was rewarded with a goodie bag from the sponsors. I was all "ooohhhs and ahhhhss" when I saw a big, shiny green lady shaver from Schick inside. I'm not much of a shaver person since shaving makes my skin itch afterwards and worse...ingrown hair!

But hey, who wants this baby goes to waste? Look at it! It looks like it has some sorta magical power! The power to make sasquatches and yeti all clean and hairless! Haha!

No need for Shave Gel, Soap or Body Wash?
I was intrigued when I saw this. All I have to do is just wet my skin and the razor.

No scissors required. All I gotto do is just press the packaging and et voila! Open sesame!

This is FUN! They somehow make un-packaging moment enjoyable with all the guide stickers. This is way better than my usual birthday presents!

Is that a SOAP attached on the RAZOR? wonder no need shaving gel or what sortever!

Never mind lah, what to do. Hey, it also comes with a sucker hanger and a refill. EXTRA lovely! Very thoughtful and generous of them! YAY for Schick!

Extra soapy + razor head refill. Sensitive care summore! :D
The shaver handle has a rubbery grip and it's very light.

Now, let's go to the bathroom and test drive this baby!

Snip snapping ends here for now, haha!

So, I stepped in the shower and make sure all my body are wet. Better, just go ahead and shower lah. Just like manicure theory, its advisable to moisten up the skin (cuticles) so there will be less friction when you shave. For me, I pat a bit of the sugary scrub and make sure my skin is smooth and extra moist.

A wet Schick and a wet me, it's a razor of truth!

I'd say it was kinda weird, but rather funny and enjoyable to see how the razor performed an all in one with the soaping and razoring at the same time. The soap contains aloe vera so it does smells a li'l medicated to me, but still nice. The downside of it is that it's hard to pull out the hair in between cos the soap part gets in the way. I've tried poking out the hair using my finger, but don't do that! PLEASE, BE CAREFUL!!! Just run it down with water. Good thing they have two 'eject' button to un-attach the razor head. moment. I'd say it was a little better than the normal shave. Still a bit prickly, but yet softer, hairless feeling. I'm scratching my leg as I write now, not sure if that's the after effect.

I was looking around my room for a shave relief and I found this from my beach gear. Banana Boat's Aloe Vera Gel! Seems like a perfect match for an after shave. It can be used to soothe minor burns, skin irritations, dry, rough and sunburned skin. It does have a slight aloe-icky feel to it, but hey, it feels good!

Love: The rubbery grip, lightweight, the extra stuff (re-fills and the hanger). Schick made this razor a personal thing from the un-packaging to the shaving time.
Downer: The soap position around the razor, which makes it harder to pull out the hair in between.
Boome-rating: 7.5 out of 10

Update (Apr 6): Just like a grass, the hair grows back again....gosh. Maybe I should go for waxing after all...


  1. looks nice, huh?
    btw, why don't go for waxing? shaving causes lots of problems..

  2. So far I've only tried a cheapo over the counter facial wax strip. It's like an icky duct tape! Haven't tried anything ever since.

    Have you tried any waxing before? How was it?


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