Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My 10-day travel itinerary in Queensland and NSW

My travel buddies and I (with the cam)

Hi everyone! Roze Boomerang's finally swooshing back safely in Malaysia. I've had a great blast exploring Queensland and some parts of NSW for 10 days along with three of my friends.

While I'm putting things away, cleaning the house full of trash, maps and souvenirs, allow me to share my draft itineraries/schedule for all of you who wants or will to go to Queensland in the future. It's packed with sightseeing list, must-go places and moderate activities for fellow travelers who wants a bit of everything from nature, foodies, thrill and culture. I didn't get to do exactly 100% from this draft, but I managed to cover at least 70% of this. Btw, we've rented a car (Holden Cruze to be exact) and got a Nokia powered Garmin GPS to aid us around, which proven to be very useful.

10 days Travel Itinerary for Queensland and New South Wales

Feel free to hit the comment button below and ask away some of the head scratching questions regarding traveling around Gold Coast. I can't give much answers or tips as good as the locals, but I can definitely (try to) help you all on behalf of Malaysian travelers traveling to Queensland.

Will update more stuff on details. Till then, g'day mate!


  1. welcome back babe ~ miss you so much ^^ your trip must be very nice ^^
    waiting for your update now ^^
    And your new banner ! cute ~

  2. Miss you too :D! It was a fun trip! Got SO many things to share with y'all!

    Yeah, me and my imaginary koalas. Didn't get a chance to cuddle them, but saw them sleeping and jumping from trees to trees. Hahaha! Funny 'ol furball!


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