Thursday, May 6, 2010

My favorite Glee song moments...

I have actually quite a few favorites from Glee season 1, apart from Journey's "Don't Stop Believing", and to me, most of them are either from the early 90's or older...

Just to name a they are. Enjoy!

I'll Stand By You: Finn
Mood: Jiwang! Or when I'm drooling on Cory Monteith
Why this song?: I know Fin tends to get a bit nasally sometimes, but I just can't stop looping this song over and over :). Plus, beneath that naivety is one caring and romantic guy.

Endless Love: Rachel and Mr Schue
Mood: Romantic duet
Why this song?: Classic! I think most cover songs that sells in Glee are the cheesiest, oldies songs. They made it work!

On My Own: Rachel
Mood: When you feel lonely and pathetic, especially the part on "On my own pretending he's beside me".
Why this song?: The lyrics and the reason above sez it all. It's nice to feel sorry for yourself sometimes, hehehe.

You're Having My Baby: Fin
Mood: When my maternal mood kicks in. Hahahahaha! I don't know where this comes from, but I would like my future husband to sing this to me. No...really? *questioning self*
Why this song?: Can't you just see how romantic (and cheesy) he gets singing this in front of Quinn's parents and Quinn.

Smile: Mercedes
Mood: Sad and in a lift-up spirit mood. Also to remember Michael Jackson.
Why this song?: You can hear the softer side of Mercedes, as she always trying to hit the high 'diva' notes.

So what's your favorite song in Glee season 1 and why? :)


  1. with all the glee hype around, it's funny that i havent even watched an episode =P

  2. You should, dude. It's not the ordinary burst-out-into-songs show like High School Musical. It's a show for the underdogs *pointing self*. If you have astro at home, you can pretty much catch up most of the episodes, as they're playing it back to back.

  3. Love Glee^^ probably coz i did coral speaking back in high school^^ good times~

  4. Yeah, Gl~ow. I guess most auditioners can relate to Glee. I've had my shares of singing audition since primary. Never won any until my senior year in high school. *sob sob*


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