Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shopping smart in Queensland!

New stuff I bought throughout my trip in Queensland and Byron Bay

Okay, I believe that when you shop during your travels, the rule of thumb of shopping is always...
"Buy things that you can't get here (where you live)."
For that, girls are expert when it comes to shopping. We may shop a lot (can be impulsive shopper sometimes), but we know what's worth it and what needs to forgo.

Here are the places and things I bought while traveling in Queensland, Australia and when I head down to Byron Bay, New South Wales.

I saw this colorful flower power tour bus heading to Nimbin a hippie town. Pick me!

Byron Bay: Bought the white t-shirts, one for me and one for my dad. The men tshirt costs about $5 and mine's a bit expensive, I think it's about $7 or $10 maybe cos it's sleeveless.
Reason I bought this cos I think it's cool to have the name Byron Bay instead of just Australia. Byron Bay = surf people = cool!

Cotton On (Pacific Fair Mall, Harbourtown, Surfer's Paradise): This is quite like a F.O.S/Vincci/Ruby equivalent, where the stuff here are dirt cheap, but can also be a so-so quality. A local friend advised me to go to Harbourtown for more discounted price instead of the hotspots like Surfer's Paradise. I honestly think that Surfer's Paradise is bigger and has more choices. But hey, up to you ;). I bought the yellow sunnies, the metallic blue handbag and pink mini handbag and each only costs $5 = RM15. My guy friends bought a LOT of their tshirts cos it's SUPER comfortable and light, which is amazing for the weather during the day. * Don't buy the shoes there especially the ballet flats. It's so hard to walk on and NOT worth buying at all, unless you want an instant blister.

MovieWorld: I bought the Superman cape for $10! Didn't bother buying the tshirts and keychains cos there's already DC shop in Malaysia. Right? Right?

Panting my way to Pacific Fair Mall

Pacific Fair:
This is where the locals shop and hang out. It has a feel of Jusco and a decent mall, with food courts and local designer labels. The mall only 15 mins walk from my motel. But walking with hot weather during the day can be a bit of a bummer.

Harbourtown: If you're into branded items and want to get that bargain price items, then maybe this is the place to go. But I dunno, I went to the Nike shop and couldn't find a nice, affordable price like you get here. I bought the yellow ballet flats at a local store (forgot the name) for $10 and OMG, it's so awesome. TIPS buying ballet flats, ALWAYS opt for one size bigger, extra room for you when you walk. I bought two pairs of Ruby's during my travel in Melbourne and I ended up giving it away to my sister cos it gets tighter when you walk.

Eumandi Market, Eumandi: OHHHHH! Paradise! Local goods are ALWAYS the best when you go shopping, and what better way to splurge on things that are fresh and made locally by the passionate locals! :D I've also sampled a lot of food here from flavored macadamias (love Morrocon), ginger beer, fresh passion fruit, everything!

I bought one set of handmade soap of 6 for $7, wooden coaster (looks like chopped log) for $6, children illustration book from local artist (gift for my mother) for $15, mirror badge for $4 (got bargain from $6)...

Australian Nougat Company: Just 15 mins away from my Noosa motel, lies a hidden gem with Nougats and lots of it! Nougats are made fresh in this small factory and flavors from Cranberry and Almonds are to die for. If your teeth can handle it...

Go nuts on Macadamia Nut Factory!

Macadamia Nut and Chocolate Factory is located at southeast Queensland and 1 and 55 mins away from Queensland. If you love macadamias and want a bargain, this is the place to go. You can even sample the nuts here as well as witness chocolate in the making. 1 kg for $19.95

Now that you know, let's shop!

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