Monday, June 28, 2010

Ice Facial for a Hot day

Homemade ice facial made from Vitamin E oil and Green Tea

It's a hot day Sunday today and nothing's better than to have your own ice facial during a weather like this! It's good to soothe down the pimples (especially the red ones) and minimizing pore size.

I love making homemade treatment and remedies. You can pretty much make use of your kitchen ingredients without forking more money for facial treatments. And best of all, you don't need to worry about having a freak allergic reaction cos these stuff are made from natural ingredients.

Credit to Michelle Phan for the inspiring tutorial.

All you need for this awesome ice facials are. Ingredients are based on 1 tray of ice facials;
  1. Green tea bag
  2. 4-5 tablets of Vitamin E
  3. Toothpick (depending on the ice tray)
  4. Ice cube tray
Soak the green tea bag in water (not too hot, not too cold) for about 1 minute. Next, prick the vitamin E tablet with one of the toothpicks and squeeze in the goodness in the green tea. In the video, Ms Phan kinda skipped the step when she emptied out the green tea content. So for this, you have to rip open the tea bags to get the tea leaves residue. Then pour everything in the tray and transfer the tray in the freezer for about 1 hour plus, depending how cool it gets. After that, slowly poke the toothpicks in the ice. And cool it again for a good 3-4 hours.

Some sticks got a bit distorted cos I poke the ice too soon. But hey, it's cool!

Oooh, icey!

Results: For a sec, it took a bit to get used to at the electrifying icy sensation of the ice, but after that I feel so heavenly refreshed, especially in the hot weather. Get a towel with you cos the ice will melt. My face feels so clean and smooth from the 'ice glide'. So nice that I just rinse my face with water. Definitely gonna be my weekly thing now! Yeaaahhh!

Some say this is good to heal the scars, which can be true cos there is Vitamin E in the content. OMG! I'm so loving this!

My other ridiculous post on food facial treatment - Coffee mask

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Recycling prob solved with Ikea's DIMPA!

Been having problems on storing my recycling junks.
This is how my front porch used to look like. Even though the recycling items are clean, I was worried that these could be a breeding ground for spiders and even territory marks for cats to urinate. I'm talking from experience by the way, hehe. Somehow tom cats just love plastics.

Not until I found a few awesome recycling storage items in the Ikea's new booklet (storage).
They even have a compost bin. Cool!

So, I give DIMPA waste sorting bag with stand a try for RM46.
As much as I hate buying more stuff for the sake of recycling,
I really need to make my house as organized and neat as possible.

Packaging look.

You can customize the label (white paper provided).
I added a few drawing for easy read ;) Recycling can also be a fun activity to do with your kids and little ones. I would make sure that most recycling items are rinsed and clean.

Instead of wrapping the recycling materials with more plastics, now I can just carry the whole bag to the local recycling centre (pic: at Putrajaya recycling centre). How neat is that?!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shape Night Run '10

Fancy another night race chapter for the year? Join me for the Shape Night Run '10 this July 31 and just run for your life! :D As much as I wanna lure you with all the amazing goodies they're giving away, I rather sell the ideas of joining for the sake of self challenge and a great excuse to be healthy. Why not? :)

I met a lot of inspiring people during my previous night race. So inspiring that I've decided to expand more chapters of running to my mundane 3 months routine. If 12.3km is a bit too much for you, come join for 5km Fun Run!

See you there! Click here to register (make sure you are registered to hooHAA. If not, do register for free)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet my stray cat friends :)

A kitten my college mate and I photographed for an assignment. Isn't he adorable? I found him around my hostel compound. Look at him smiling.

I am a cat person. Whenever I'm outside, walking on the street or simply driving around the town, the moment I spotted stray cats or even dogs, it breaks my heart to know that these animals have to starve, beg and pretty much survive in this concrete, cruel human society.

I don't know if it's my ability to hear cats moaning for quick meal or merely just my empathy hormones when it comes to stray cats. Of course, part of it cos I have three (now two) cats of my own, both were stray cats.

Hitam is one of my family cats.
We found her and her siblings in our garage studio back in 1997. She's one wise and brave cat. Once saved the family from cobra a few years ago.
She's now 14 years old.

Belang is Hitam's litter brother.
He's all 'tough' exteriorly, but deep inside gentle and lovable cat.
We have the best 9 years with him until he gave up on Jaundice disease in 2005 :(

Oren is our latest addition to the family.
He'a rescue cat. Brought him back home in 2007 when I found his arm in a 'human-made' cast back in my apartment compound. His left arm was not treatable due to nerve fracture.
His super friendly characteristic made me believe that he's part British Shorthair.

Raja is a friend's cat that I adore.
Smart, caring and one brave man-cat, thus the name Raja (means King in Malay)
He lived til his 3rd year of life and died of FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)

Meet Stewpitt
She's one street wise cat but can be a bitch sometimes when you're not careful.
Got a lot of scratches from her, yet I still feed her. Why, Stewpitt why?

Here, Kat Kat!
Kat Kat's a momma cat who gave three sets of litter (or more) from what I've observed.
I fed her on fortnight basis during her preggers time. Though street wise, she is one friendly and adorable female cats I've met.

Do you have any gut-warming stray cat stories you like to share? Do share 'em here :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hairband - A T-zone Zapper

Betty Suarez's fringe alert! ACKKK!!

I often wonder why my fringes or bangs always get greasy at the end of the day. Yes, I do wash my face twice a day but still back to square one - greasy hair! Because of that, my t-zone is forever producing new pimples on weekly basis. Doesn't make sense cos my hair is generally dry and only that front side (the fringes) get oily at the end of the day? How so???

So I've googled and asked around, and most of them advised that fringe is one of the contributors to t-zone. So, okay...I took their advice (in March '10), and put up my hair whenever I'm home, and groom my fringe down again when I'm out (during busy days, I can be out for more than 12 hours a day). Results: There is still a few zits coming on weekly basis. Yarrgghhh!!!

It took me two weeks and I practically gave up cos it made no difference on my forehead.

Early June. Feeling optimistic, I had another go again with the hairband strategy to eliminate my exhausted, moon-looking forehead. This time, I've decided to wear headband for two week straight! Guess what? My forehead seems to be free of new pimples, amazing!

A few hairband inspirations.

Where to shop for cute hairband?
Depending on your budget, you can hunt for these cuties from Sinma, Forever 21 to the super expensive Evita Peroni!

Got t-zone? Try putting up your hair for more than 2 weeks straight and see the difference! If hairband's not for you, then opt for hair clips or pins! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crying my way to Gold Coast with AirAsia X

Whoa..some war looking actions out from the window seat. Now what if there's nothing interesting to stare at?

It can be really frustrating and exhausting being stuck in a long haul flight. How long can one actually sleep if it's more than 8 hours flight in a reclining seat. There are several times of my long journey that seems very smooth and best spent cos I was too busy doing something. If I could recall my best moments flying were during these two incident;

Talking to interesting stranger
Met an interesting Aussie lady on the way from KL to Melbourne in AirAsia X too. We chatted for hours talking about yoga, cats and also her amazing journey as a sailor. By the time we stopped talking, there's only about less than 1-2 hours away to destination.

And the second one which I'll be telling you in this post, is the joy of AirAsia X In Flight Entertainment. No, I'm not paid for saying this. Haha! Seriously this is a heaven in disguise! I know for RM30, one can buy about 2-3 meals during the flight, but when you have a mini size entertainment system that allows you to chat with fellow passengers, watch movies that you didn't get to watch before, and listen to the new or old music that you never get to purchased, ...your flight trip could never been this fun :)

BBQ Chicken - Ughh...I'm not enjoying this for some reason.

Before I describe the joy, allow me to elaborate more on the pain. The food. OMG! I don't think I'll ever bother getting the pre-booked meal because truth is, you never know what it may get at the end. And somehow there are bound to be other meals that you like that's not in the booking info. I haven't experienced a prison life, but if there is such thing as prison food, it might taste like this :p The food gets very indigestible every time I spooned it over my mouth.

Okay, let's move on to the good part.

I've finally get to watch Hachiko!!! My friend who's a dog owner/lover was watching this movie too and just like me, we were crying the whole time watching the movie! I even finished up half of a toilet paper with my tears and mucus *eww*.

The old Hachiko still waiting for his master. This is one of the saddest, mucus flowing moment!!! Sorry, for the pre-spoiler :D

My favorite album from Elton John! OMG! They have it here.

Oooh, chatting with fellow passengers! How cool is that? I find that the touch screen less precise and hard to type. But oh well, it's good than nothing :)

By default, your ID will be your seat number. You can even customize it to a more cooler name and create your own group! Awesome!

My awesome playlist :D

If your AirAsia X flight doesn't come with a screen in front of your seat, you can always request for it, and they'll give you an external screen set.

What you got to lose for only RM30?
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