Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crying my way to Gold Coast with AirAsia X

Whoa..some war looking actions out from the window seat. Now what if there's nothing interesting to stare at?

It can be really frustrating and exhausting being stuck in a long haul flight. How long can one actually sleep if it's more than 8 hours flight in a reclining seat. There are several times of my long journey that seems very smooth and best spent cos I was too busy doing something. If I could recall my best moments flying were during these two incident;

Talking to interesting stranger
Met an interesting Aussie lady on the way from KL to Melbourne in AirAsia X too. We chatted for hours talking about yoga, cats and also her amazing journey as a sailor. By the time we stopped talking, there's only about less than 1-2 hours away to destination.

And the second one which I'll be telling you in this post, is the joy of AirAsia X In Flight Entertainment. No, I'm not paid for saying this. Haha! Seriously this is a heaven in disguise! I know for RM30, one can buy about 2-3 meals during the flight, but when you have a mini size entertainment system that allows you to chat with fellow passengers, watch movies that you didn't get to watch before, and listen to the new or old music that you never get to purchased, ...your flight trip could never been this fun :)

BBQ Chicken - Ughh...I'm not enjoying this for some reason.

Before I describe the joy, allow me to elaborate more on the pain. The food. OMG! I don't think I'll ever bother getting the pre-booked meal because truth is, you never know what it may get at the end. And somehow there are bound to be other meals that you like that's not in the booking info. I haven't experienced a prison life, but if there is such thing as prison food, it might taste like this :p The food gets very indigestible every time I spooned it over my mouth.

Okay, let's move on to the good part.

I've finally get to watch Hachiko!!! My friend who's a dog owner/lover was watching this movie too and just like me, we were crying the whole time watching the movie! I even finished up half of a toilet paper with my tears and mucus *eww*.

The old Hachiko still waiting for his master. This is one of the saddest, mucus flowing moment!!! Sorry, for the pre-spoiler :D

My favorite album from Elton John! OMG! They have it here.

Oooh, chatting with fellow passengers! How cool is that? I find that the touch screen less precise and hard to type. But oh well, it's good than nothing :)

By default, your ID will be your seat number. You can even customize it to a more cooler name and create your own group! Awesome!

My awesome playlist :D

If your AirAsia X flight doesn't come with a screen in front of your seat, you can always request for it, and they'll give you an external screen set.

What you got to lose for only RM30?

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