Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hairband - A T-zone Zapper

Betty Suarez's fringe alert! ACKKK!!

I often wonder why my fringes or bangs always get greasy at the end of the day. Yes, I do wash my face twice a day but still back to square one - greasy hair! Because of that, my t-zone is forever producing new pimples on weekly basis. Doesn't make sense cos my hair is generally dry and only that front side (the fringes) get oily at the end of the day? How so???

So I've googled and asked around, and most of them advised that fringe is one of the contributors to t-zone. So, okay...I took their advice (in March '10), and put up my hair whenever I'm home, and groom my fringe down again when I'm out (during busy days, I can be out for more than 12 hours a day). Results: There is still a few zits coming on weekly basis. Yarrgghhh!!!

It took me two weeks and I practically gave up cos it made no difference on my forehead.

Early June. Feeling optimistic, I had another go again with the hairband strategy to eliminate my exhausted, moon-looking forehead. This time, I've decided to wear headband for two week straight! Guess what? My forehead seems to be free of new pimples, amazing!

A few hairband inspirations.

Where to shop for cute hairband?
Depending on your budget, you can hunt for these cuties from Sinma, Forever 21 to the super expensive Evita Peroni!

Got t-zone? Try putting up your hair for more than 2 weeks straight and see the difference! If hairband's not for you, then opt for hair clips or pins! :)

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