Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet my stray cat friends :)

A kitten my college mate and I photographed for an assignment. Isn't he adorable? I found him around my hostel compound. Look at him smiling.

I am a cat person. Whenever I'm outside, walking on the street or simply driving around the town, the moment I spotted stray cats or even dogs, it breaks my heart to know that these animals have to starve, beg and pretty much survive in this concrete, cruel human society.

I don't know if it's my ability to hear cats moaning for quick meal or merely just my empathy hormones when it comes to stray cats. Of course, part of it cos I have three (now two) cats of my own, both were stray cats.

Hitam is one of my family cats.
We found her and her siblings in our garage studio back in 1997. She's one wise and brave cat. Once saved the family from cobra a few years ago.
She's now 14 years old.

Belang is Hitam's litter brother.
He's all 'tough' exteriorly, but deep inside gentle and lovable cat.
We have the best 9 years with him until he gave up on Jaundice disease in 2005 :(

Oren is our latest addition to the family.
He'a rescue cat. Brought him back home in 2007 when I found his arm in a 'human-made' cast back in my apartment compound. His left arm was not treatable due to nerve fracture.
His super friendly characteristic made me believe that he's part British Shorthair.

Raja is a friend's cat that I adore.
Smart, caring and one brave man-cat, thus the name Raja (means King in Malay)
He lived til his 3rd year of life and died of FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)

Meet Stewpitt
She's one street wise cat but can be a bitch sometimes when you're not careful.
Got a lot of scratches from her, yet I still feed her. Why, Stewpitt why?

Here, Kat Kat!
Kat Kat's a momma cat who gave three sets of litter (or more) from what I've observed.
I fed her on fortnight basis during her preggers time. Though street wise, she is one friendly and adorable female cats I've met.

Do you have any gut-warming stray cat stories you like to share? Do share 'em here :)


  1. Thanks dude! Got a lot of funny looking pics, but the aesthetically nice ones are the 'posed' version. Haha! Hard to get them in place, except when they are asleep.

  2. awww...that's so lovely ~ Roze your photoshooting technique is great !

  3. Thank Anna! The key is to reward the kitties for being good models :D A pat on the head or treatsss!!!

  4. Yay! another stray cat lover :) My two cats were stray cats too, now they're permanently apartment cats XD I find the Moggies (those normal street cats, not the purebreed ones)to have decidedly more fun personalities and far more hardier against diseases.. duncha think?

  5. High five Hanie! Yeah, I totally agree those perks. Stray cats tend to have those extra stuff than those squished nosed, pricey cats. LOL! Wow, I applaud you for having apartment cats. That's one tough job, keeping the cats off the windows.


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