Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shape Night Run '10

Fancy another night race chapter for the year? Join me for the Shape Night Run '10 this July 31 and just run for your life! :D As much as I wanna lure you with all the amazing goodies they're giving away, I rather sell the ideas of joining for the sake of self challenge and a great excuse to be healthy. Why not? :)

I met a lot of inspiring people during my previous night race. So inspiring that I've decided to expand more chapters of running to my mundane 3 months routine. If 12.3km is a bit too much for you, come join for 5km Fun Run!

See you there! Click here to register (make sure you are registered to hooHAA. If not, do register for free)


  1. hello there, not going for KL Marathon this Sunday?

  2. Nope, but tempting though. You're going? Let me know how it goes :D


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