Friday, July 30, 2010

My two new miracle plants: Pandan and Aloe Vera

Miracle plants! Gosh, I need to clean up the mess I made in the balcony!

I've been wanting to get Pandan and Aloe Vera for my apartment, and I finally got both of them while having dinner at Taman Warisan, Putrajaya. Luckily a nursery decided to open up an umbrella booth there.

The nursery sells two types of pandan; the cooking type and another one is called Pandan Wangi. After a few online searches, I honestly have no idea what's the difference between these two, but from what I remember, the ones that labeled Pandan Wangi had an obvious smell and the cooking one doesn't. Both plants cost me only RM13. Excellent!

I chose the one for cooking cos I like the natural fragrant aroma from the pandan and its perfect for rice and agar-agar (asian vegetarian jelly).

Next time, I'll get Pandan Wangi for my 3rd plant. I'm guessing the Balinese used this for their prayers. Took the photo during my trip in Bali last year. I kept tripping on these stuff while roaming the street of Ubud :(

Now comes to another of my favorite plant, Aloe Vera or known to locals as Lidah Buaya. My aunt told me lately that she's been using aloe vera to cure her breakouts and her pimple shrink overnight. Also, my friend told me that he uses this whenever he has cuts or injuries.

How to clear Acne and Scarring using Aloe Vera

I found this great YouTube contributor, Natasha from RawRadiantHealth. She has contributed over 274 videos and it's all about remedies and tips for health and beauty. I've tried storing my 'skinny-fied' aloe vera in my container and it has been my day 3. Hmm, it doesn't smell right after 3 days, to be honest, but definitely not to a point where it smells all funky. Perhaps the normal temperature room is not advisable for more than two days storage of aloe vera.

Another video about aloe vera acne remedy from swatchseupbuttercup

The difference between buttercup (I don't know her real name, lol!) and Natasha is that buttercup girl recommends storing the aloe vera in a refrigerator and Natasha opted for normal temp room. So, now that the room temp doesn't do good on my aloe vera, perhaps I might try to the cool box instead.

Is it just me or it feels so itchy when I apply aloe vera on my face. It happens to me before, and I thought I used the wrong method. Hmmm...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That Tikiman Birthday!

I'm Tikiman, huga huga!

Last June, I've organized a small birthday party for a good friend of mine who goes by the nickname Tikiman who just hit the big 25. I've been wanting to try out a cake from Laily Patisserie, so after a few ideas and inspiration, I managed to give her a rough sketch for her to refer to. I gave her a call two weeks in advance, and when the big day comes, I finally got the big beautiful cake a few hours before the party.

Love the details!
The figurine base are made using plastic dolls. As for the hair, grass skirt and lei are made using royal icing.

View of the whole cake.
I think the water is made from colored gels and the main structure of the cake are mostly fondant. Lovely!

For this custom made cake in fondant covered vanilla with chocolate layers, weighs 1.5kg, it costs me RM200. Quite reasonable for a big cake and enough for at least 15-20 pax.

If you guys are interested of having custom made cakes or cupcakes, you can reach her at or visit her blog and facebook.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A facial mask using Banana, Yogurt and Honey!

What do you do with overly ripe banana, old yogurt and old honey?
Make it to facial mask!

I had another episode of breakouts again, and as usual, I would google around for some funky ways of facial treatment. So I found this recipe while browsing through the homemade facial remedies and coincidentally I have all these three ingredients in my kitchen and most of them are not so-safe to eat anymore and a few days passed its expiry date.

Let's start!
Just add half a medium size ripe banana (mash it until creamy), 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt and 1 tablespoon of natural honey. That's it!

Voila! A gooey bana-ney-yo facial mask!
Lie back and leave it for 15-20 minutes. I can feel a bit of an itch half way, haha! After that, wash it down with cool water and pat your face dry.

Honey is an excellent antiseptic agent and is great to tighten pores. Whereas Bananas are full of vitamins and together with Yogurt (lactic acid), these would make excellent combo for a smooth and soft skin! Can be used once or twice a week. Try it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Soap Pak - soap in your wallet

Soap Pak
A soap you can fit in your wallet?! Really?

Whether it's mamak restaurant or KFC, it's a Malaysian thing to have a sink as most of us are used to eating with our bare hands. Thus, it is important for us to wash our hands before and after eating. Since the H1N1 phase, we got used to the idea of hand sanitizer. But I noticed majority of us have a misconception of hand sanitizer - these people use it as an alternative to soap and water. Hand sanitizer should be used preferably after washing your hands with soap and to function as a germ-free shield. It's not advisable wash your hands with hand sanitizer after eating nasi lemak with your bare hands. It's so wrong right?

Back to Soap Pak!I found this cool product while shopping at Caring Pharmacy, Sunway Pyramid. Saw it at the counter and they're selling it for only RM1.50 a pack of 10 dry-soap sheets. I immediately bought two packs of it - one for me, one for my clean freak friend.

From the main packaging, it is said to contain no SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), non alcohol, made from natural soap, biodegradable and environmentally friendly! Yay! Score!

Check out the texture of the sheet! Groovy!

Time for a test drive. Dripping a few drops of water.

Half eaten by water


For a palm size sheet, it produces quite a decent amount of bubbles. I'm not a fan of the smell though. It smells like lotion, which I soon found out to be the fragrance ingredient for this soap. Definitely gonna stock up more for this for my travel.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Delectable Treats by Su launch at Pavilion, KL

The entrance to heaven-licious treats!

Have you guys been to Delectable by Su in Garden's Midvalley before? If not, perhaps you can visit it's little sister, Delectable Treats in Pavilion, KL. It's next to TGIF restaurant, level 4 (the highest floor in Pavilion, I think).

To those who haven't heard of Delectable by Su, it's a Designer Cake shop started by a talented individual by the name of Su-Yin or Su in short. Besides cakes, this shop sells awesome, sinful desserts and sweet bites.

So last Friday, I was given a chance to visit the launching of Delectable Treats (Thanks Sarah!). I was ecstatic when I receive the invite. I've always been a frequent buyer of 7 Sins dessert and have recommend it to a number of friends. Treats aside, I just adore their customer service - so friendly, they made me come again for more despite the luxury, intimidating decor of the shop. Dress code of the night was 'happy colors' clothing, so I put on my polka dot candy colored dress. But unfortunately, there are only a few of them who stick to code, haha!

7 sins
If you are a fan of chocolate but prefer a moderate amount of sweetness, then by all means, please have a bite of this awesome treats! It's priced at RM12, enough satisfaction to last you for one night or for me, 15 minutes. I have a collection of their signature brown ribbons and plastic cases from my previous purchase. The plastic case is excellent to store small food items like lemon halves or peeled onion.

Guests get to draw two papers, which will be converted to two free Delectable treats.
Wow, they really treat their packaging seriously, which is very sweet of them. I wish they could tone down on the packaging or perhaps create more sustainable type of packaging :)

I love fondant covered cupcakes
I know these might be too sweet for others, but it's no harm of eating this bit by bit...*drool* Comes with flavors from ginger, vanilla macadamia, chocalate ganache and my personal favorite peanut butter chocolate!!!

More treats from the brainchild, Su herself. She made all these wonderful meals for the guests. Thank you so much! And omg, it's just scrumptiously delicious. She still keeps her signature tastes - moist and just nice on the sweetness!

I forgot the name of this cupcake, but inside is a peanut butter chocolate cake covered with vanilla buttercream and the cute, detail fondant design. Would you look at that?

I bought this for RM 12, and something about this nuts that makes me want to gobble more and more. Must be the caramel coating! Yum!

The dream maker, Su.
I love meeting inspiring, go-getters individuals like Su. She has a blog that documents her journey from a construction management student to being a culinary entrepreneur. A bold career shift, if you ask me. Kudos to her :)

Though small and a wee bit cramped, it was such a delightful-licious event. I was practically saving the peanut butter cupcake for the next day cos I just want to savor the gooey taste of the peanut butter cupcake. Yummmm!

Friday, July 16, 2010

How to order quickie Domino's Pizza using Express Card?

Domino's Express Card

I spoke to a lot of friends about using the Domino's Express Card or known as the buy 1 free 1 privilege card. When I asked them on how do they made their orders, most of them would tell me that they would go to the store and wait for 15 minutes.

Little do they know you can actually skip the 15 mins wait by just phoning in advance. Here's my quick tips on speedy and seamless Domino's call :D

A bachelorette guide to survive. Haha!

Step 1: Decide which flavor, crust and size you want. The new Express Card now accept Regular, Large or Xtra Large Pizza at standard menu prize. Eg: You can get two regular pizzas for RM23.80. You can either scavenge through Domino's latest pamphlet for the pizza details or just go to the local website at

Step 2: Pick up the phone and call 1300-888-333 (Malaysia's hotline)
Step 3: Wait and speak to the operator.

Me: Hello, I'm calling from the number....[your phone number you have used for previous order]
Operator: Ok, your name is [Roze Boomerang] and your address is [Cyberjaya]. What would your order be?
Me: I would like to order for a pick-up at Cyberjaya branch using my Express Card.
Operator: Ok, I will need your Express card number. [This is optional, sometimes they will ask this or if you can't remember your number, you can 'try' to refer to your previous order. But again, some operator is quite strict on this procedure, so to save the time and trouble, just give him the damn number].
Me: My card number is EX ------- (7 digit number)
Operator: Ok [verifying]. And what will your first pizza be?
Me: I would like to have a regular Spicy Sambal, classic hand tossed, minus the onions and replace that with extra anchovies. [Tips: If you choose to minus a topping, you can actually have it replaced with new topping or ingredients]. And second pizza would be a regular Beef Pepperoni, thin crust. That's all.
Operator: Ok, let me repeat that....your order is....bla bla bla. And you would like to collect the pizza at this location [eg. Shah Alam branch section 9). The time now is 9.00pm and your pizza will be ready at 9.15pm. Should your order be late, you'll receive a free regular pizza voucher. Thank you for calling Domino's, have a nice day!
Me: You're welcome, you too.

I'm always on the road when I do this, so I'll call 15-20 mins earlier and by the time I reach the store, I don't need to wait. Bon apetit! :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What a tawny Asian girl should have - Bobbi Brown Oil Free Even Finish Foundation SPF 15

My favorite all natural foundation - Bobbi Brown's Oil-Free Even Finish Foundation

I'm yellow!

"Have you ever seen a photo of you with your face fairer than your neck all because you're using the wrong foundation shade? I know I do!"
I picked up foundation during my mid years in university. I've always hated using foundation or pressed powder cos it always ended up too bright on me. I have a tawny, olive skin (yellowish brown) and most cosmetics I found in local stores rarely suit my skin color as they have limited pallet of colors and most of them gives a 'glowy' effect especially taken with flash cameras.

Not until I was introduced to Bobbi Brown. I managed to get my first foundation using the paycheck from my internship. It's a little pricey (RM 130 for 30ml) but it lasted me for the whole year. Erm, to be honest, I'm still using my almost-3-year-old foundation, which is not advisable since you should only keep it for 1 year max. Do correct me if I'm wrong.

Earlier I bought Honey (5), but a year later, the sales assistant told me that my skin suits Warm Natural (4.5), which is a shade lighter.

Difference between the two colors.

Blended Honey or Warm Natural?

Bare in mind, liquid foundation suits those with normal to dry skin, which is a bummer for me cos my skin from dry skin, has now becoming oilier starting this year.

I guess I need to convert to this Oil-Free Even Finish Compact Foundation.
Darn, anyone wants to trade this with my liquid foundation? :D

Here's my next review on Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation for oily skin.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My old cassette tapes...

Recently I had a little spring cleaning in my old bedroom and I stumble upon my price possessions - my music cassette tapes! Let's face it folks, this has now becoming a 'super ancient' technology and our kids won't even know how to pop in this baby just like some of us who can't even operate the vinyl records.

My cassette collection with my signature on it, lol!

I remember one of my first cassettes, it was The Beatles 20 Greatest Hits. My mom bought it for me for RM16.90, which at that time (1996), was very un-affordable for an 11 year old kid like me. Back then when everyone was so obsessed with dancing boybands and divas, I was lost in the monochrome world, gaga-ing over Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley and Micky Dolenz. LOL! These guys are older than my dad for heaven's sake!

Back to The Beatles, I remember how much I used to toy around with my stereo player that has Left and Right channel speakers. And since Please Please Me and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band were remastered (from Mono to Stereo), you can basically mute one of the channels and sing along with either the tunes or just the vocal itself e.g. "When I'm Sixty Four". Some Beatlemania (Beatles fans) like the original, crisp and bold Mono version and some prefers the 'stereo' surround sound.

Oh dear, if only I've the money to purchase this gorgeous apple. It's actually a USB drive loaded with 14 stereo titles, as well as all of the re-mastered CDs’ visual elements, including 13 mini-documentary films about the studio albums, replicated original UK album art, rare photos and expanded liner notes. OMG! It's abot US$300. Yikes! Money 'can' buy me love :(

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Before Glee, there was Sister Act...

Religion aside, if you're a fan of Glee and musical choir, you'll love Sister Act 1 & 2 starring the funny lady, Whoopi Goldberg. They used to play this movie on TV years back. You'll be surprised to see a few familiar faces in this movie from Lauryn Hill and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I like how the kids in this show actually have a few sessions of practice and imperfections unlike Glee where it's all straight from studio recording quality.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Oh Happy Days

Young Lauryn Hill singing

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Clean & Clear Oil Control Film - Grapefruit scent!

My new Pink Grapefruit scented blotter and the normal blue version

Today, I went to Watson's pharmacy cos I was running out of blotter, and with my frequent oily skin, I constantly use about 2-3 ply of film per day. Here's my previous post on facial blotter. I was relieved to see my usual blue Clean & Clear film in the rack, but before I could grab it, I saw an identical packaging, written below it - PINK GRAPEFRUIT...what!? It was a 'Limited Edition' together with the blue version, which I'm not sure what scent it was (for the blue one) cos it's nothing written there. It costs RM9.90 which a RM1 more expensive than the old one (50+10 sheets). When I asked the sales person on what's the difference, she pointed out the 'won't clog pores' tagline. Hmmm...

Made in Japan!

Afterwards, I showed the blotter to my sis, and she squealed when I showed it to her. She used to buy this years back. It was limited edition cos it was 'Made in Japan'. Ahhh, that explains...

Comparison between the old and the new limited edition grapefruit scented blotter.
My sis still keeps the old packaging, lol!

How does it smells like? Grapefruit of course!

The smell reminds me of air freshener, but hey, it won't clog pores right? I'm definitely gonna stock this baby up before it runs out. The film really absorbs the oil well and for some reason, the after effect looks like as though I had put a powder on my face.
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