Sunday, July 4, 2010

Clean & Clear Oil Control Film - Grapefruit scent!

My new Pink Grapefruit scented blotter and the normal blue version

Today, I went to Watson's pharmacy cos I was running out of blotter, and with my frequent oily skin, I constantly use about 2-3 ply of film per day. Here's my previous post on facial blotter. I was relieved to see my usual blue Clean & Clear film in the rack, but before I could grab it, I saw an identical packaging, written below it - PINK GRAPEFRUIT...what!? It was a 'Limited Edition' together with the blue version, which I'm not sure what scent it was (for the blue one) cos it's nothing written there. It costs RM9.90 which a RM1 more expensive than the old one (50+10 sheets). When I asked the sales person on what's the difference, she pointed out the 'won't clog pores' tagline. Hmmm...

Made in Japan!

Afterwards, I showed the blotter to my sis, and she squealed when I showed it to her. She used to buy this years back. It was limited edition cos it was 'Made in Japan'. Ahhh, that explains...

Comparison between the old and the new limited edition grapefruit scented blotter.
My sis still keeps the old packaging, lol!

How does it smells like? Grapefruit of course!

The smell reminds me of air freshener, but hey, it won't clog pores right? I'm definitely gonna stock this baby up before it runs out. The film really absorbs the oil well and for some reason, the after effect looks like as though I had put a powder on my face.


  1. how much does it cost?

  2. I had a second peek at another branch in Watson's Pyramid, and I remember seeing it to be at RM9.90. Hm, but I swear I saw it to be around 8 something, but I could be confused with the normal ones. But hurry on this one, it's limited edition!

  3. ihad asecond peek at another branch,and i think seeing it

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