Sunday, July 18, 2010

Delectable Treats by Su launch at Pavilion, KL

The entrance to heaven-licious treats!

Have you guys been to Delectable by Su in Garden's Midvalley before? If not, perhaps you can visit it's little sister, Delectable Treats in Pavilion, KL. It's next to TGIF restaurant, level 4 (the highest floor in Pavilion, I think).

To those who haven't heard of Delectable by Su, it's a Designer Cake shop started by a talented individual by the name of Su-Yin or Su in short. Besides cakes, this shop sells awesome, sinful desserts and sweet bites.

So last Friday, I was given a chance to visit the launching of Delectable Treats (Thanks Sarah!). I was ecstatic when I receive the invite. I've always been a frequent buyer of 7 Sins dessert and have recommend it to a number of friends. Treats aside, I just adore their customer service - so friendly, they made me come again for more despite the luxury, intimidating decor of the shop. Dress code of the night was 'happy colors' clothing, so I put on my polka dot candy colored dress. But unfortunately, there are only a few of them who stick to code, haha!

7 sins
If you are a fan of chocolate but prefer a moderate amount of sweetness, then by all means, please have a bite of this awesome treats! It's priced at RM12, enough satisfaction to last you for one night or for me, 15 minutes. I have a collection of their signature brown ribbons and plastic cases from my previous purchase. The plastic case is excellent to store small food items like lemon halves or peeled onion.

Guests get to draw two papers, which will be converted to two free Delectable treats.
Wow, they really treat their packaging seriously, which is very sweet of them. I wish they could tone down on the packaging or perhaps create more sustainable type of packaging :)

I love fondant covered cupcakes
I know these might be too sweet for others, but it's no harm of eating this bit by bit...*drool* Comes with flavors from ginger, vanilla macadamia, chocalate ganache and my personal favorite peanut butter chocolate!!!

More treats from the brainchild, Su herself. She made all these wonderful meals for the guests. Thank you so much! And omg, it's just scrumptiously delicious. She still keeps her signature tastes - moist and just nice on the sweetness!

I forgot the name of this cupcake, but inside is a peanut butter chocolate cake covered with vanilla buttercream and the cute, detail fondant design. Would you look at that?

I bought this for RM 12, and something about this nuts that makes me want to gobble more and more. Must be the caramel coating! Yum!

The dream maker, Su.
I love meeting inspiring, go-getters individuals like Su. She has a blog that documents her journey from a construction management student to being a culinary entrepreneur. A bold career shift, if you ask me. Kudos to her :)

Though small and a wee bit cramped, it was such a delightful-licious event. I was practically saving the peanut butter cupcake for the next day cos I just want to savor the gooey taste of the peanut butter cupcake. Yummmm!


  1. I love the 7sins too.... so divine!

  2. @ Ken: Cute and tasty too! :D

    @ Baby Sumo: I know! So syiok right? Layers of chocolatey heaven. And I love biting the semi sweet chocolate chips and that bits of grated cocoa! *drool*


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