Monday, July 12, 2010

My old cassette tapes...

Recently I had a little spring cleaning in my old bedroom and I stumble upon my price possessions - my music cassette tapes! Let's face it folks, this has now becoming a 'super ancient' technology and our kids won't even know how to pop in this baby just like some of us who can't even operate the vinyl records.

My cassette collection with my signature on it, lol!

I remember one of my first cassettes, it was The Beatles 20 Greatest Hits. My mom bought it for me for RM16.90, which at that time (1996), was very un-affordable for an 11 year old kid like me. Back then when everyone was so obsessed with dancing boybands and divas, I was lost in the monochrome world, gaga-ing over Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley and Micky Dolenz. LOL! These guys are older than my dad for heaven's sake!

Back to The Beatles, I remember how much I used to toy around with my stereo player that has Left and Right channel speakers. And since Please Please Me and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band were remastered (from Mono to Stereo), you can basically mute one of the channels and sing along with either the tunes or just the vocal itself e.g. "When I'm Sixty Four". Some Beatlemania (Beatles fans) like the original, crisp and bold Mono version and some prefers the 'stereo' surround sound.

Oh dear, if only I've the money to purchase this gorgeous apple. It's actually a USB drive loaded with 14 stereo titles, as well as all of the re-mastered CDs’ visual elements, including 13 mini-documentary films about the studio albums, replicated original UK album art, rare photos and expanded liner notes. OMG! It's abot US$300. Yikes! Money 'can' buy me love :(

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