Friday, July 30, 2010

My two new miracle plants: Pandan and Aloe Vera

Miracle plants! Gosh, I need to clean up the mess I made in the balcony!

I've been wanting to get Pandan and Aloe Vera for my apartment, and I finally got both of them while having dinner at Taman Warisan, Putrajaya. Luckily a nursery decided to open up an umbrella booth there.

The nursery sells two types of pandan; the cooking type and another one is called Pandan Wangi. After a few online searches, I honestly have no idea what's the difference between these two, but from what I remember, the ones that labeled Pandan Wangi had an obvious smell and the cooking one doesn't. Both plants cost me only RM13. Excellent!

I chose the one for cooking cos I like the natural fragrant aroma from the pandan and its perfect for rice and agar-agar (asian vegetarian jelly).

Next time, I'll get Pandan Wangi for my 3rd plant. I'm guessing the Balinese used this for their prayers. Took the photo during my trip in Bali last year. I kept tripping on these stuff while roaming the street of Ubud :(

Now comes to another of my favorite plant, Aloe Vera or known to locals as Lidah Buaya. My aunt told me lately that she's been using aloe vera to cure her breakouts and her pimple shrink overnight. Also, my friend told me that he uses this whenever he has cuts or injuries.

How to clear Acne and Scarring using Aloe Vera

I found this great YouTube contributor, Natasha from RawRadiantHealth. She has contributed over 274 videos and it's all about remedies and tips for health and beauty. I've tried storing my 'skinny-fied' aloe vera in my container and it has been my day 3. Hmm, it doesn't smell right after 3 days, to be honest, but definitely not to a point where it smells all funky. Perhaps the normal temperature room is not advisable for more than two days storage of aloe vera.

Another video about aloe vera acne remedy from swatchseupbuttercup

The difference between buttercup (I don't know her real name, lol!) and Natasha is that buttercup girl recommends storing the aloe vera in a refrigerator and Natasha opted for normal temp room. So, now that the room temp doesn't do good on my aloe vera, perhaps I might try to the cool box instead.

Is it just me or it feels so itchy when I apply aloe vera on my face. It happens to me before, and I thought I used the wrong method. Hmmm...


  1. to apply alow vera, you must trim the sides. not olny the thorns but trim the flesh a bit. then only you can apply to your skin without the itchiness. good luck!

  2. Oooh! Awesome! Will most definitely give it a try again and get back to you! Thank you good 'old stranger :D

  3. Thank you very much for this post its very helpful for me to recover my acne .........i will must try

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