Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I got RM255 return to Seoul, South Korea!

What's that on the right hand side?

At 12.45am this morning, just like any other busy day, I would log on to my blog to check the amount of traffic for the day.

To my surprise, as I was scanning 360 of my blog, I then suddenly saw Nuffnang ad on AirAsia's new route to Seoul, South Korea promo. I immediately did my usual hunting on the dates and found the perfect date!

The cheapest rate is RM74 per person!

Now comes another tough part, convincing your travel mates for the date and the duration of the stay. Everyone has different schedule and priorities, but if you have had discussion about future travel plans with your mates, then it's all good. Remember you only need their full name (in passport) and date of birth for booking. Not to forget the check in bag. The rest can fill in later and no fees needed for that.

After taxes, food and check in luggage the grand total for 4 adults is RM1348 which equals to RM337 per person. Woohooo!!

Finally we found a great date - end of January next year, just perfect for a quick 4 days winter holiday. Looking forward to South Korea's ice skating and speed skating which happens to be their most popular winter sports. April to May is also the best time to travel there, just in time for spring.

Coincidentally, AirAsia has added one useful note in their Facebook called Bargain Hunter 101 (Survivor's Guide) which summarized well about how I got most of my promo tix from AA.

Useful info taken from their notes:

Plan your trip in advance.
Prepare a few travel plans. If Plan A doesn't work, at least you'll have back-up plans and you'll save the hassle of planning from scratch again.

Have all passengers' details at hand. I.e: Name, Address, D.O.B, passport numbers, etc...

Now that you know, click here to find when is the best time to travel to South Korea.


  1. ooooo south korea sounds fun!!!!!

  2. wow.. what a good deal! :)

  3. good for you ! Yesterday I was thinking to book the ticket too , but I think I can't afford the expenses of staying and playing there >_< So I din book it :(

  4. @Ashibee and Jen: Definitely! But must hurry! I think by now a lot of bookings have been made already.

    @AnnaJia: It's great to travel with group of friends cos you'll save a lot, safer and fun too. Found a dorm in central SK for RM60 per night for 4 ppl. Dirt cheap. Gonna reconfirm the price again.

  5. i booked the ticket too!!! whn valentine's day^^
    the dorm u mention name for me to search??

  6. You're going on V-day? Cool! I think its still winter that time :D

    I double checked the rates, I think its RM60 per person x 4 = RM240. Forgot the dorm name, but another choice is Yim's House Lemme check again, and confirm to you the name soon.


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