Thursday, September 30, 2010

Video to Watch: My Skin Care Tips & Routine

I found this great video tips from GlossGloss that I personally want to share with all of you. Update news: Her video collection has recently been removed. Early this year, I have struggled with really bad breakouts and after a few episodes of product testing, lifestyle change, etc, I came to realization that hygiene also plays a very important part to acne-free life.

Her keypoints are;
1. Keep your mobile clean!
2. Drink a lot of liquids- stay hydrated!
3. Wash your pillow case more often.
4. Don't use products that are too harsh for your skin. Use products to suit your skin type!

Really good advice, especially keeping your mobile phone clean. That is something that everyone use in daily life that we took for granted. After watching this video, I make sure my silicone cover mobile phone clean all the time.

P.S: I love her British accent and she's hot! Reminds me of Catherine Zeta Jones and a bit of Kate Beckinsale, don't you think?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eco Pasar Malam Shopping!

After a few unplanned trips to pasar malam (Malaysian wet market that sells food and drinks), I totally feel guilty for 'breeding' more deep pink plastics and styrofoam. These stuff definitely will take hundred of years to biodegrade or if not, would do harm to other living things when it ends up in...god knows where :( I'm sorry Mr Turtle, that's not jelly fish!

This post might prove useful during the fasting month of Ramadhan in Malaysia last August-early Sept, but since pasar malam is a weekly thing here, I very much think that everyone should start saying NO to these eco-enemies;
  1. Deep pink or orange plastic bag
  2. Cheap un-recyclable Styrofoam
  3. Plastic spoon and fork
  4. Plastic cups and straw
I pledged myself that my 2nd week of puasa (fasting), will be a NO plasticky day. That means NO-NO to all of the '4' above. I have a few 'cool' containers of my own, most of them were from take-outs.

The black container inside was from salad takeouts and the one next to it was a huge but lightweight container I received from pizza takeouts in Singapore. I brought the containers back with me in the plane cos I thought it will be very much useful in the future and I was right.

I brought these containers to a restaurant for break of fast take outs. In fasting months, it's hard to get decent seats 30 mins before breaking time, thus its easier for one to take out instead. I would not recommend take outs on normal basis, its better to eat in = less packaging, but if that's not an option, then you need to have it on the go. But do it the right way.

I do admit that one needs to put on some thick skin bringing all the containers to restaurants or wet market, but I got to tell you that you will be highly satisfied and surprised on the amount of plastic or containers you say no to. At the end of the day, you can pat yourself for scoring 10000 points for being eco-tastic! :D
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