Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF 15


Remember my old post on Bobbi Brown Oil Free Finish? I bought a new one a few months ago and it gave me pimples :(( I wasn't about to give up on Bobbi yet after that incident cos for the fact that my face change from dry to oily skin within a year. So...I decided to give the one for oily skin - Natural Finish Long Lasting.

Did I immediately buy the RM160 foundation? NO. When you buy foundation this expensive, you need research, girl! It's not that hard, just type in the name of the product and you'll be amaze on how many articles and video reviews you can find.

Every months or so, I will be a victim of breakouts and pimples and I am REALLY looking for that one foundation that will at least reduce the shine and won't cause me extra pimples. I live in all-summer country btw. I was googling here and found a product called Bare Minerals, but after a few research, I found it a little impossible to get it here in Malaysia and it's a no-no to buy foundation online. Better to do it in-store so you'll get the right shades for your skin.

There are two awesome features in Bobbi Brown website that I want to share with you.
  1. Star ratings and reviews
  2. Live Chat with an Artist
The user reviews really helped a lot of making decision cos it compiles a lot of useful info and the skin profile of the users.

Last but not least, the live chat function. Bare in mind, the artists follow USA time. Here are their operation time: Monday - Friday 10am - 10pm (EST) Sunday 11am - 7pm (EST)

I was awake at god knows 3 0r 4am in the morning, then I thought, why not have a chat with Bobbi's Artist? For awhile, I thought I was chatting with a bot. Am I?

After a few mins of questions, I received the chat transcript in my email. How cool is that?

This is how my old and new bottle look like together.
They are both 30ml despite the height and width differences. My old bottle (oil free foundation) looks bigger cos the glass base at the bottom does the trick.

The shades between my old and new bottle are totally different. I was using 4.5 (warm natural) for the oil free foundation but with the new, Natural Long Lasting Finish it's 5.5 (warm honey), which 1.5 shades darker.

Before and after difference. (one layer of foundation without powder or concealer)
For office wear, I like to wear my foundation by itself and top it up with my bronzer+blusher. If there's special occasion, I'll bulk it up with powder.

What I love about this particular BB product is that it's so light on my face and smells like lotion (which I totally adore). And no, no pimples this time! Yay!!! If you are looking for a total coverage, then do opt for their concealer, not this. A pro makeup artist once told me that a good makeup does not conceal, but it functions as an enhancer. Thus, foundation works to even up the uneven skin tones, patches, blemishes, etc.

I remember a lot of users gave a few similar feedbacks and one of them is the 'dewy + glowy' effect and trust me, I believe them! I feel that this foundation gives me the extra glow in my face and does reduce the extra oil on my face, but not entirely. I still have a bit of oil, but at the right places - my cheeks and such. And it doesn't dry either.


So here are my summary;

- This is non-comodogenic, means it does not cause whiteheads or blackheads.
- If you want a foundation that gives a natural glow and hey, you-don't-look-like-you're-wearing-makeup, then this is your baby! :D
- Before using the foundation, make sure your face is primed or hydrated for smoother application.


  1. awesome thread! i luv to try this BB foundation coz my old loreal true match cause me an acne ;(
    ~~do u hv any idea about--> hair removal permanently? i already made a mistake by doing a treatment at bella skincare n doing IPL but after a years those hair (arm&leg) grow back.. i'm really tired about those traditional regime n really freakin' out to try any other treament which i didn't whether its really work or not.. HELP meee :'(

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for swinging by first of all :)

    Most over the counter foundation (l'oreal, maybelline) are for generic use, which is why it didn't favor those with specific skin needs like oily, sensitive, dry or acne prone.

    I like this particular BB cos its just what I need and want. I like the amazing color match (I have medium, olive skin), it's light and non comodogenic. I still have shiny face at the end of the day, but its lesser than usual.

    If not foundation, there are tonnes of other cause of acne. Sometimes its how you apply the foundation (using un-clean sponge, brush or fingers), hormones, stress, lack of water.

    I haven't tried any permanent hair removal yet; mostly sugaring (alternative to wax) and shaving. Would you like me to review on The Body Shop sugaring? :D

  3. sugaring? seriously i have no idea about that ..but i'll try to check it on d internet tq btw :)

  4. Yeap, sugaring is using a more natural ingredients compared to wax. And the after effect is also less painful than wax.

  5. Hi my dear. I just bought my BB foundation a few days ago and I broke out from it. I would really want to believe it's not bcos of the foundation but when I compared to other foundations that I have used before that broke me out, I realized they all have Sodium Chloride in them. So I'm back to using my Estee Lauder Double Wear which doesn't contain any Sodium Chloride but the consistency is a bit too thick for me to use everyday to work. I'm so upset as the BB looks great on me although it is so expensive. Now I'm asking around for buyers.=(

  6. Hi there. Sorry to hear about the breakouts. What color is your BB btw?

  7. I have seen many good reviews about this foundation. I am really wondering to get one, but there is no store in U.K from where I can check my shade and purchase one. Moreover, I am very new in makeup line, recently just done with my makeup lesson by Lina, who trains makeup classes for beginners London. Can you please suggest me a perfect match for NC42?


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