Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dressing well with Trinny and Susannah

Fashion Guru: Trinny and Susannah

I recently watched this new, unknown British channel in Astro GRA (Granada) 735 and was thrilled to see a show from Trinny and Susannah.

I was first introduced to these duo when they were featured in Oprah. How should I describe them? They're like Simon Cowell of fashion! But they're not just all about throwing critiques like what Fashion Police does, most importantly they teach women how to dress correctly!

They believe that all women are blessed with all shapes and sizes and it's all the matter of wearing the right outfit to compliment them.

I can so relate to this. I remember one time when I wore my loose dress, which I thought wasn't that bad on me (in front of a mirror). Later, I was once shocked to see in my friend's pictures that I look like a stick in the dress from side ways. No way I'm wearing that dress again!

So how can we identify our shapes? T&S have created 10 possible shapes and there are;

  1. Apple
  2. Hour Glass
  3. Pear
  4. Brick
  5. Goblet
  6. Cello
  7. Cornet
  8. Lollipop
  9. Column
  10. Bell
Photos taken from of Mail Online

So what shapes are you? Mine is a Cornet, lol!

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