Sunday, October 17, 2010

Paint the Malayan Tiger!

It's pitiful to know that these adorable Malayan tigers is categorized as an endangered sub-species. Fact has it that there are only 500 of them left in Malaysia and Thailand and for human sake, the number could be reducing day by day as we speak.

We humans are lucky. Not only we can think, speak and move mountains, we also kill to live. We kill living things, those who can't speak and defend themselves just for the sake of money, furry fashion and maybe just as 'small' as being able live in a house.

So, what about them? Sure, tigers are wild and dangerous to human society and if you see them walking around your neighborhood, I'm sure most of us would say, "Hey, that tiger could have escaped from zoo or some forest nearby?"

If that tiger can speak in human language, he would say "Hey, you destroy the forests and build your houses there, so where do you reckon I live? I can't be your cat; you could be my dinner. If I happen to roam around your area, chances that I could be shot! So where's my living rights? My lawyers?"

Flash mob from WWF-Malaysia 'Freeze Tiger Trade'
Picture from WWF

While others would gather around, dance to be seen and heard, what would artists like you and me would do to express our concern on this matter?

Maybank is organizing a painting competition for young contemporary artists and painters aged 18-35 years old. All you have to do is submit a 2D artwork of your artistic interpretations of 'Expressions of the Malayan Tiger'.

To download a form and view the terms and condition, save this link or go here or view the page here

What are you waiting for? Grab a sketch pad, canvas, brushes, paints, etc and go wild your thoughts! Let your hearts and mind be seen and felt :)

Oh wait, have I told you that the deadline is by the end of this month, 29 October? :O

P.S: I am hoping for miracle of time to work on this artwork, I really do.


  1. Heya Fairuz,

    Got this link originally from The Annexe Gallery FB page. Thanks for sharing. Hoping for miracle of time over here too. I'm gonna share the competition link to me page. Thanks again.

  2. My pleasure, Azman. 9 more days to go. Good luck and godspeed! :D


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