Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When Roze Met Burt's Bees

My pilot self treat that earns me Burt's Bees membership!

I first discovered Burt's Bees tucked in the hidden corner of Garden's Midvalley, next to Cold Storage. It was all woody, yellowish and very inviting. I was with my girl friends at that time, and intuitively we have to come in...:D

Oh dear, I've pretty much sampled everything there, and OMG, I just LOVE the yummy, all-natural scent of Burt's. It's like going to a vanilla, honey, milky, banana...food land! The prices are a little bit more expensive than The Body Shop, but not as steep as Origins or Crabtree (I've never bought anything from these two anyway, haha!). I left the shop with nothing, only the sample testers that left me drooling for weeks to come.

Like any girly scrooge out there, I did my research on Burt's. It's a USA company established in the mid 80's, selling beeswax candles and eventually selling natural, earth friendly personal care ingredients that drools millions including me. If you noticed on most of their products, they are really striving for the natural ingredients percentage - most of their products are 100% natural and some are 90-ish%, thumbs up Burt!

So after a few weeks of waiting, I finally ripped open my wallet and did my super quickie shopping here (I was rushing for my dinner). In order to get the membership, I need to spend RM200 above. The awesome thing about the membership is that you'll earn 10% off for your purchase (not inclusive of promotional items). *And even if you're not a member, you'll get 20% off for bringing empty containers from Burt's on every 31st of the month. SUPER!

Here are the reviews. Take note of the * ratings :)

Too bad at that time, they're running out of body butter, so I bought Burt's Honey and Milk Lotion instead. It's quite light for my likings (I like my lotion thick), but I adore the smell. The moisture stays on my body even after 12 hours and it's not sticky on your body, whichis a plus for some people. I've been using this every morning to work - great substitute to my perfume. But unfortunately the smell doesn't last the whole day. Price: RM56.80 ****

My super personal favorite - Burt's Bees Beeswas & Banana Hand Creme. I came back for this again cos it smells like banana taffy candy! The texture is quite thick, almost like lipbalm feel. I used this for my elbows and hands. You can also use it on your knees and feet. And guess what!? It's 100% natural! Price: RM 56.80 ***** (yes! I love this!)

When I bought this, I didn't have the time to sample the lipbalm cos I was rushing for time. I took this primarily cos of my attachment to 'Passion Fruit'. I love passion fruit. The smell however didn't much resembles this fruit, instead it smells very tutti fruit or more like cotton candy bubble gum. The smell still rocks by the way. But the downside of this is that the texture is 'hard' and it doesn't glide easily on your lips. Also, it leaves a little white-ish residue on your lips instead of polishing it. Please sample on this first before buying it. However, they do have an award winning lipbalm, which is not this one. This Burt's Bees Sun Protecting Lipbalm SPF 8 is selling for RM25.80. ***

Last but not least, Burt's Bees Acne Solutions Spot Treatment. This stuff is selling like hot cakes cos it runs out easily in the store. They have two types of serum/oil like acne treatment; one is a blemish sticks and another one is this. The sales person recommend me of using this because it works on existing 'blooming' pimples. Unlike The Body Shop tea tree that only useful for early sign of acne, this works like wonders on my big pimples. My big pimples did shrink overnight, but of course not entirely.

The downside of this...it spills easily!!! It's not really oil based, it dries out from your finger very fast. For any serum or oil application, I always use the back of my hand or fingers before applying it to my face, but this one dries out like water in sahara! So I have to really quickly dab it on my face from my fingers. Hence within two weeks, this small 7.5 ml bottle was half empty. I just have to look at it on the bright side since I can bring the empty bottle back and earn more discount for my next purchase :D

Price: RM 62.80 (which is almost twice the price from TBS Tea Tree Oil) ****

How much does these stuff costs me? The magic number is RM202.20!

I really recommend everyone out there to sample out these stuff first. The price is a little steep but its worth every ringgit because it's made from yummy, natural ingredients, which won't do much damage on your face or skin. My advice, sample the stuff first, go back home and do the research. If you dream about it, then you can buy it :D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Hong Kong Halloween Weekend

Halloweeners in Lan Kwai Fong

It was one heck of a Halloweekend, last October. The picture above says it all.

This was my pilot trip to Hong Kong and I came here primarily to visit, shop and spend a nifty Halloween. Before coming here, I've had a few months of shopping diet, meaning that I stop buying nice clothes for almost half a year just to be able to spend money in here. LOL!
My shopping style: Buy things that I need (I have to-buy list), unbelievably affordable and stylish at the same time.

I rarely go for high fashion brands, but if you do, then you will love Hong Kong. It's tax free here and you get stuff here cheaper than any other countries in the world. On my way back in the airport, I saw a lot of tourists carrying shopping bags from Louis Vuitton, H&M, Bvlgari, Juicy Couture, you name it!

Below is how much I spent while I'm in Hong Kong for 3 days and 2 nights:

Hostel at Hop Inn: RM 210 for 2 nights
Flight ticket: RM116 return (seriously yes, it was bought during AirAsia sale!!! :D )
Transportation + Shopping + Food: RM1000 cash = HK$ 2513


If you travel here in a group, then of course your expenditure will decreased as you can share accommodation, transportation and even your meals with your travel buddies.

Speaking of transportation and meals, the first thing you need to get in Hong Kong is none other than OCTOPUS CARD! This is basically the awesome and smartest card here that you can use for all things; trains, bus, taxi, 7 eleven, pharmacy (like Watson), cake shop...everything here! It's not like your usual touch n go card. Almost every stores and transportation using this system and you can practically go around the city using this card. Just make sure you have enough value in your card.

Octopus Card in New York Fries restaurant

Where to get Octopus Card or top up value?

1. If you're at the airport, find Airport Express booth and you can purchase the card for HK$150; $50 will be returned as deposit and the remaining $100 is the value of your card.

2. MTR station

3. 7 Eleven store

For next post, I will be telling you all the places I have covered for my quick 3 days trip, shopping items and of course the highlights on Halloween! :D
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