Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wardrobe Preparation for Wintery Seoul

Prepping for Winter Sonata!...I think I'm over prepared..

Black puffer down jacket, ONLY brand @F.O.S: RM 169.90
Purple fluffly scarf @Sox World: RM 24.90
Purple with black polka dot micro fleece top@Uniqlo: RM59.90
Black & white stripe acrylic leggings @Forever 21: It costs around RM40-70.
Black tutu skirt: I forgot where I bought this, but it's not more than RM30

To me, traveling and fashion must go together if you want to have memorable photos during your vacation. I learn it the hard way when I was photographed recently with a blah outfit and out of bed look in Hong Kong. My photos turns out to be so bad (to me), I just have to look away.

As of today, I am just one month away to my winter Seoul vacation and I need to be a little more prepared since the temperature there will definitely hit below 0 degrees. My last buy on winter gear was 9 years ago, for Hokkaido. I definitely need something new. I basically need;
  • Down Jacket
  • Long John
  • Hand glove.
  • Scarf and sweater hat.
  • Face mask. (To moisture and warm up your nostril and lips)
  • Lip balm and moisturiser lotion.
  • Shoes with leather sole
  • Sunglasses if go Ski resort.

A foldable postcard with useful winter travel guides from Winter Time. Excellent!

So with so much buzz on Uniqlo located at Fahrenheit 88, I just have to find out myself what is it with this Japanese brand that makes people go ga-ga on it.

Tell you the truth, after spending almost an hour in Uniqlo, the price is just so-so to me. Like what a friend told me, Uniqlo is like an expensive Giordano. The price is not that cheap nor it's expensive if you want to compare it to other local winter clothing stores. I end up buying the thermal Heat tech long john which costs me RM59.90, a micro fleece top (in the pic) and a set of slacks for sleep at RM79.90 (not proud of this particular buy).

Here's my 2 cents on Uniqlo:

1) Thermal undergarments - heat tech top long sleeve. Bottom pants sold out already: RM59.90
2) Fleece jacket: RM79.90. Still so-so on the price.


1) Down jacket: If you think RM299 is a bargain, then this might be a bargain for you. Otherwise, FOS has more trendy and cheaper option. You can even found GAP stuff here too.
2) Accessories: Wool hats, leg warmers, ear warmers...just plain boring and expensive. Go to Forever 21 or SoxWorld much cheaper and lots of choices.

After Uniqlo, I decided to give Sungei Wang one last try and I found quite a lot of bargain items one would never expect to get for winter gears. At F.O.S (Factory Outlet Store), I found a few interesting down jacket selling as cheap as RM169.90 (below). They also have selections from GAP selling for RM190. Normal down jackets typically costs RM200 and above.


So how does all the items above would look like on me? While googling on winter wears, I stumble upon this cool website called Couturious and decide to visualize my look by matching it up with my look-alike wardrobe and the result is this! :D

Rock Your Seoul!
How's this lookin'? Okay, the stripe might look a bit extreme.

For 4 days trip in Seoul, I will only bring two pairs of outfit since Seoul is pretty much the hub of fashion, I might as well buy most of my clothes there anyway.

How do you prepare for winter this time around? Do share it here :)


  1. I have yet to prepare myself... only got the lil' one prepared! ;-)
    My trip to Seoul will be from 17th - 24th.

  2. Cool! That's one nice date. I only have 4 days effectively. Feel its a little wasted considering my winter clothing buy is almost as much as my flight tix :P

    So what else are you still looking for? Best if you try to go for these places (ikut turutan);

    1. F.O.S: I was lucky to find one cheap ones in Sg Wang's outlet. Berjaya Times Square have quite interesting choices too.

    2. SoxWorld: They have cheap socks and scarf range there, but do check on the thickness though. I noticed they don't have insulated glove (the dual thickness).

    3. Winter Time: A few branches from Sunway, 1U, Bukit Tinggi Klang, Aeon Taman Equine (i went here). Go here to get the super thick pants if you wanna go ski-ing. Best! Also, they have BUY 1 FREE 1...recommended!


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