Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Heads up Head gear Lovers, Buff is HERE!

A few of my mad hatter collection from santa hats, hippie hat, spider-man's mask, wool hats, caps, wig, bandana, headband, reflective sports headband, miniature hat...

Friends who know me would know that I have a crazy fascination on hats, bandanas, berets, headband and all sorts of head gear stuff. So one fateful day on early 2009, I bumped to this optical shop called Peak Vision in Garden's Midvalley and saw dozens of collection from Buff. I was totally blown away by what these babies can morph to. Balaclava, headband, cap, pirate, hairband, blind chicken (haha!) and heck, it can be a hijab too!

Oh yes...but reality hits me when I saw the price tags...RM89 is the cheapest one. Yikes! I convinced myself that if I have one good reason to buy this, I'll definitely grab it in a heart beat.

Enough said...I finally bought one, which is the Original Buff for RM89. This headgear would make a useful winter accessories for my trip to Seoul this month. There are a few different types of Buff available from Polar buff which has extended fleece on it, UV protected, Nat geo motifs and many more. I'd figure that the original one is more versatile and can be used for hot and cold weather.

Many ways to wear your Buff. Click for zoom in version

So let's start the unpacking moment with me, shall we?

Well, with big price on the tag, they at least made an effort on the packaging :)

Moment of truth...dum dum dum.

...wait for it.


[Update] What I've used this for in Seoul:
- Face/nose mask during the cold, windy winter...can be a hanky in disguise too, lol!
- When indoors, I made it to a hairband!
- Sleep mask when on board...a bit tight on my head though.

Enjoy the testimonial video below from the Buff users. Also check out this convincing written review.

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