Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge

To those who haven't heard of this amazing lady, she is one of the noted international makeup artist who has also helped developed a few major cosmetic brands like No.7 and Shiseido. Celebs like Cameron Diaz, Liz Hurley, Mischa Barton, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, Cate Blanchet, Demi Moore and Selma Hayek are seeking her skillful hands to groom them.

And what's more amazing, she now has a blog that pretty much explains 101 makeup tips and trust me, she's no ordinary makeup enthusiast. She's the crème de la crème!

She kinda reminds me Nigella Lawson - her British accent and her looks, ain't it? Watching her videos, I love how she intuitively explain about everything, almost like a mother to daughter sharing trade secrets on beauty.

This is one of her videos that makes me go....what was that!!?? Where have all the pimples go?

Watch this and tell me what you think :) To watch more of her video and tips, go to


  1. That was unreal right? Like poof, acne's gone! Her other videos are also soooo awesome, but she used a LOT of super expensive cosmetics...Gucci? Armani? Chanel?! These brands make cosmetics too? Still LOVE her videos though :)


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