Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cleaning me Gently with Cetaphil

With my on and off pimples episodes, I have tried most facial cleanser that has 'acne' or 'for oily skin' written on the bottle. Surely if my face could talk, it would say...
"Ouch! Aaaeeiiiii!!!!! No more fancy schmancy cleansers, please!"
Then as I searched high and lows on what others have used to treat their sensitive, acne prone skin, and I kept bumping on Cetaphil. This product is widely used by dermatologist and it's soap-free and non-comedigenic, which means it won't give you breakouts.

Sounds like magic to my ears, so I got to try this out. I was using The Body Shop Shiso Cleansing Powder, which is gentle for every skin condition, but still feel a little too much for daily use since it has exfoliation agent. Anything gentle and neutral is good for sensitive skin.

If you are at local pharmacies like Guardian or Watson, you will find Cetaphil together with other sensitive skin range products like Eucerin, Organic Aid and Avene.

I remember bumping on another Cetaphil 'Oily Skin Cleanser' it was priced at RM54.90 (10% before discount). I thought it was a bit pricey for my first buy and I want to avoid any 'oily' word since my skin is dehydrated; it's oily, but it's actually dry on the inside.

Finally, I found the 'neutral' version, which is Cetaphil 'Gentle Skin Cleanser' which only costs RM16.90. That's like RM38 cheaper than the oily ones.

Here's my takes on this:

Drop of the clear Cetaphil

  1. Easy breezy. It's gentle and it doesn't have any fuming frangrance scent.
  2. You can use it with or without water. I still like mine with water :)
  3. Affordable at RM16.90 for 118 ml and can last about 3 months depending on usage.
  4. Remarkable results. After 3 weeks of wearing Cetaphil, my skin produce less pimples, hydrated and less dry, flaky skin peel on my t-zone. My t-zone can be oily or dry at times.

Click to see the finer details on how to use and the ingredients.

  1. It's so light and watery-like. When I first used this, I thought this stuff doesn't clean that much cos it's very blah and doesn't bubble up like most cleanser would do. I thought with the 'sodium lauryl sulfate' (common soap agent), it would bubble up, but it didn't. But it's not all that bad, right?
  2. The scary ingredients like alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and parabens.
  3. ....apart from above, I can't think of any.
I would highly recommend this for those with sensitive, oily or dry skin. Don't bother buying the skin specific type, just opt for the gentle one. It's so gentle in my opinion, that it doesn't strip you skin natural oil or dry up your skin.

P.S: Give this a try and let me know how it works for you :)


  1. hey! what moisturizer do you pair with this?

  2. Hi there. Moisturiser is up to you and your skin condition. Since Cetaphil is light on the skin, I am using medicated moisturiser like The Body Shop tea tree for my blemished skin. Cetaphil also comes with their own moisturiser which I haven't tried yet. Hope this answers your question.

  3. Hi there! so before i use this cleanser, i actually read reviews on Most of them wrote that they love this cleanser and would buy it again. However, some said they dont like how it feels on thier skin. Then i stumbled upon ur review, and then i thought oh what the heck. just try it lah.

    Ive been using it for a week now. I must say i loveeeee it! Although sometimes it feels rather oily on my skin due to the weather. But i lovee the after effect. It makes my skin feels sooo smoooooth and soft!

    As for acne, well i have mild acne. My skin doctor prescribed me with antibiotics so im not quite sure if its the pills that has helped me or its the cleanser. but so far, im really satisfied with it!

  4. Hi Ashee. Which Cetaphil are you using? The gentle or for the oily skin? You know, I just bought a new refill yesterday ;)

    Yeah, some like it and some won't for the fact it doesn't give you the instantaneous 'luxurious and cleaning' experience, like micro beads texture or lingering scents. But to some of us who are having weary and sensitive skin, this plain 'ol cleanser is a blessing in disguise.

    Yeah, I do get the oily feeling too esp. after a long day of work. Sometimes if I have a lot of makeup on (foundation esp) I would wash my face briefly before and during shower where my face is hydrated by the cool water. I am pleasantly amazed to find how easy to remove my foundation using the cleanser without scrubbing.

    I'd say for your last question, I'd say it could be the pills who does the main job at reducing your acne. I'm speaking from experience since I'm also prescribing pills from doc. The cleanser is probably the secondary supporting reason for your acne improvements. Un-clean, oily face promotes bacteria, hence acne. So that's the reason why dermatologists recommend those with acne prone skin to wash face at least 3 times a day.

  5. currently using the gentle cleanser. Like u, i didnt want to spend too much on a cleanser that im only buying for the first time. but i pair it with my sebamed clear face gel as my moisturizer. But im very lazy so i only apply my moisturizer when i feel like it.hehehehe.

    Im a uni student so i dont wear make up often. Especially foundation. but i heard cetaphil doesnt really work on fully removing make up traces. Do u have any good make up removers to recommend?

    Btw, do u believe in the saying "it gets worst before it gets better" for the skin ? Ive tried body shop tea tree products. it broke my skin pretty bad. The lady at the shop says its trying to take out all my oil but i dont actually belive her.( i think shes just trying to sell more products to me.) haha

  6. 'Atta girl! :) I don't think makeup is necessary during uni. I've only started wearing foundation when I started working and at that point of time I feel the less makeup I wear, the duller I would look...hmmm, which I kinda regret since it probably cause a bit breakout on me.

    So far I've only used two makeup removers; Maybelline and The Body Shop Gentle Chamomile Eye makeup remover. Maybelline is fairly affordable and useful to remove eye makeup, but I don't like to use it on my face. As for The Body Shop, I wish the product live up to the 'gentle' word, but for some reason it stings my eyes. Sigh...I have yet to try Burt's Bees. Sorry can't give you any recommendations on this as I haven't found a good one myself.

    "It gets worse before it gets better". - I think this depends on your skin ability to regenerate and heal from bad breakouts. To me, I used to have that ability during uni and teen time where you can just pop any pimples and would recover in a week. Or in present situation after I go to a good aesthetician for a facial treatment. In my opinion, if a product don't suit you, best to listen to your skin. I've tried all The Body Shop's tea tree stuff and even though it doesn't break out on me, I do feel that it tends to get a bit drying and dehydrated.

    An advice from this lady in RawRadiantHealth...something to think of:-

    "You can wash your face with whatever you want to wash it with but I don't want you to put anything on your skin"

    Something to ponder upon eh? :)

  7. hi thr...i've been searching for cetaphil (for oily skin). May I know which Guardian branch from the pic? Thanks....

  8. Hi Selina,

    Sorry for late reply. I took the pic while shopping in my kampung in Kedah, lol! Its hard to bump to a pharmacy that sells the oily skin version. Maybe you can give it a peep at any Caring pharmacy. I'll keep you posted if I see this in store.

  9. Hi...thx for ur reply...I've found the oily skin cleanser today at Guardian Bandar Baru Bangi....finally....and it's RM46.66 after discount....left the last bottle...lucky me :)

  10. Cool, Selina. Do update how it works for you. With extra cost, I hope this will work as well as the gentle ones :)

  11. hai, may i know where to buy cetaphil product in malaysia? it's has at watson, guardian or any pharmacy?

  12. Most of the pharmacies like Watson, Guardian and even Caring have Cetaphil in store. But normally Cetaphil is placed differently, usually at corner where all the sensitive skin range are.

  13. hi, so after cleanse ur face with the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, do you apply any toner or straight to the moisturizer?

    1. Yes, and I would definitely recommend using toner be it oily, dry or combination skin. BUT you need to find the right toner for your skin...

      I have two types of toners. One is The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner which I wear most of the times and another medicated one from my skin dr, Dr Ting from Imbi which I only wear every 3 days when I feel there's breakouts otw.

      Best time to use toner is after shower when your face has already been cleanse. Best to pat your face about 80% dry and while your face still moist, just dab toner (The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner) with cotton pad or for me, I just use my clean hand and pat it on my face. My face feels refreshed and hydrated.

      And lastly, moisturize ;)

    2. hi im a man i read the good review about this product, i just want to ask is possible to use this product for man,actually i using another product but still oily my skin,i hope its work this product for me..

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