Sunday, February 20, 2011

Souled-out in Seoulwise Guesthouse

Picture taken from the website.

My quick 5 days and 5 nights trip to Seoul, South Korea could never been any smoother if not for my stay in Seoulwise Guesthouse and the owner, the one and only Mr Young. You'll know why as you read further.

I think I've enjoyed being in the moment so much that I forgot to snap a few photos of the facilities. The photos above pretty much tell it as it is :)

Nestled in a quieter side of the hippiest town of Hongik University, Seoulwise Guesthouse is the place to go if you are...
  1. On a budget. It's only 20,000 won (RM54) per person, per night in 4-bed mixed dorm.
  2. Love clean toilets. Yes, this is probably one of the cleanest hostels/motels I've been too.
  3. Enjoy the night life and coffee, which kinda reminds me of Melbourne. If you love Melbourne, you'll love to hang around this area.
  4. Complete facilities for independent travelers. Everything from maps, guide books, free use of desktop PC and if that's not enough, Mr Young will pour every bits of information he has and his altruistic and helpful personality is what the other travelers like about this place. Yes, he speaks good English, which is a gem in South Korea.
  5. Complimentary goodness. Free wi-fi access in every room, free breakfast (cereal, bread with butter and jam, coffee, tea)...he even loan us T-Money card, a prepaid card best use for public transportation and F&B. Just like PASMO to Japanese, Octopus Card to Hongkies and TouchNGo for Malaysians.

With the map given, it is easy to locate the guesthouse, depending on your direction ability and the time of day, haha! It will be quite a tiring walk if you are bringing pull-up luggage or during snowy winter, which I have to experienced.

Two types of Korean rice cakes: Chapssal tteok (left) Tteok gyeongdan (right)

So what else is nearby Seoulwise? Besides the cafes and night clubs, if you ought to grab Korea's best souvenirs of all, it's none other than their local fruits and snacks. You can buy their local strawberries along the pathway near the church to Kosa Mart. They are huge! I managed to buy a few varieties of Tteok (or rice cakes) nearby the Eel Restaurant.

Having said that, this is one superb location because it's one trip away from airport since the new opening of Airport Railroad that brings you directly to Hongik University Station. YAY!

It's 4,100 won (3,600 won for the fare + 500 won deposit) from airport to Hongik University.

Had a great stay here. Fully recommended! :D


  1. the guesthouse surely looks clean, this is also my first criteria when I travel, esp the bathroom.

  2. Totally! I don't care if the room is small, big, funky and swanky, but I somehow love my toilet clean :) Thanks for reading Nava!


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