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What's up with Korean BB Cream?

New shop on the block of Myeongdong, Too Cool for School

January 22, 2011.

It was one heck of a cold winter night in Myeongdong, South Korea. But when you are a girl in one of the world's greatest cosmetic heaven like Seoul, oh my, nothing can stop you. There are like stretches of renown cosmetic brands side by side from Skin Food, The Face Shop, Etude, It's Skin, and even international brands like The Body Shop. These people have good taste, yo!

I was wondering what to buy and I remembered my friend's to buy-list BB Cream. BB Cream is one of the in-thing to get from Korean cosmetics. BB stands for 'Blemish Balm' and not only it does a good job as a foundation, it also claimed to have a healing agent to fade acne scars and is suitable for most skin types including sensitive and acne prone skin.

Saw this before and after image on BB Cream online. Wow, magic! For real huh?

So back to reality, as I was walking in the street of Myeongdong, I decided to get myself a BB Cream. Scanning 360, I saw almost ALL of the shops around me that sell BB Cream. BB cream this and that. Then I saw a sign that was written "the Original BB Cream" in front of Hanskin shop. That was the ticking

My Korean 'face set makeup' from Too Cool for School. From left according to use by sequence: Dual primer, dual cover BB Cream, mineral loose powder and cheek/lip cream blush.

The pic on top is before and below is the after look. Even with my acne scars, when it comes to makeup, I prefer using light coverage so the skin can at least breathe on the process of healing. I love the effect of cheek cream blush compared to powder blush for the fact that it appear light and natural.

What's my takes on BB Cream?

  1. Coupled with dual primer, my face feels soft and hydrated unlike normal foundation. I can see why most Korean ladies have such radiant and smooth skin.
  2. Great oil control. The oil on my face takes awhile to greased up compared to my Bobbi Brown. I have super oily skin btw.
  3. It feels light on my skin. I have sampled both "Too Cool for School" and "Hanskin" products and both have almost same features. I love Hanskin cos it glides on my face effortlessly even when using my fingers.
  1. Well, coming from Koreans, BB Cream usually comes only in ONE basic color. When applied on tawny, yellowish Asian skin like me, it will appear grayish on me especially when you use flash on your picture. Yikes!
  2. Even though it has light texture, the color looks pastey on the skin. Best to apply using makeup sponge to smoothen out the cream.
  3. Not what it appears on the 'before and after' photo above

I love how light and smooth the BB cream feels on me, but after taking a few snapshots of me in flash camera, frankly speaking I don't think I would continue using this. Cons #1 and 2 sez it all.


  1. hi roze,
    since u've been to korea, did u ever notice about tation tab ex? recently i keep doing research about this product n its side effect, but failed ;( or maybe i'm not that good in researching? hurm.

  2. Hi there. Never heard of thation tab ex before. Just googled it, it's like pills for whitening right? There seems to be quite a few articles written in Malay.

  3. yup, not only for whitening but it's good for acne, scar, etc. i would like to give it a try since so many successful testimony given at fb, but quite worried 'bout it

  4. I am using the BB cream from Korea, and you are about the one shade only, so I apply only very lightly as one products serves all purpose.

  5. Hi, may i ask what the different between aqua cleansing gel and morocco ghassoul foam cleanser from Too Cool for School? 'coz the staff told me to use aqua cleansing gel first and morocco ghassoul foam cleanser from later. But i'm not sure that aqua cleansing gel is makeup remover, right? or both are cleansing face? please kindly advice

  6. Hi there. I kinda the same situation like you too. Its too bad that the only readable portion of the products is the name, even in the website. Just to be on the same side, maybe you can use it separately as two different cleansers.

  7. Hi Roze, i think they should have english version on their website. Anyway, thanks :)

  8. Hey, this is your sister stalking you! Haha, it's not so bad you know :P Especially when I'm gonna suggest that you try look up for Misha Perfect Cover BB Cream No 31 (for tanned skin). I think it's about our skin tone and still yet, I feel bad for those who have darker skin tones since I don't think one existed yet. Here's a link:

    So yeah, if you buy this BB Cream anywhere or on ebay, can you get one for your sis, pweatty pwease? Of course I'll pay back :P

  9. Hoho, since when you read my blog..:p You can try the bb creams that I have, including the samples. I don't used them anymore. Think its all the same to me these BB creams.

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