Friday, July 15, 2011

On the road to Sydney - Introduction (Part 1)

Driving good ol' OZ car, Holden Omega.

It's been 3 months of silence in Roze Boomerang realm. I promise you there are a lot of things to share and let me dust off a not so recent trip I had in late March 2011.

Sayonara Tokyo :(

March was meant to be the month for my Tokyo trip. It was a 'partial' paid trip from a video contest I have won from MAS last year. Unfortunately and fortunately the earthquake incident strike just two weeks before my trip. So with my already tight schedule for the next 1 month, my partner and I have to figure out a NEW route asap.

After a few days of long look at the world map and prices, we have decided to go to Sydney. Since we rarely fly using MAS, we reckon Sydney would be a wise option since AirAsia will not fly here (ever). Anywho, here's the awesome part, we only have 1 and half day to plan and book hotels for 8 day trip to Sydney.

Having been to other Australia destination; Melbourne and Gold Coast, we'd figure that this trip will be around the same format. My rule of thumb of traveling is to do 1/4 of city and 3/4 country side. Here are a few of my to-do list we have made before traveling to Sydney, in this situation we manage to plan this in less than 2 days.

1. Route: I find Austalia's Tourism site to be extremely useful when it comes to nailing some must-go destinations. And if you're like me who likes to escape the city's hustle bustle via cars, you'll love to start your plan using the roadtrip guide.

Complimentary breakfast at Greens of Leura, Blue Mountains

2. Accommodations: Free wifi, affordable, clean, standout and central location are my 5 essentials on choosing the best accommodation. Will also be a plus if your hotel provides complimentary breakfast. After screening the reviews in TripAdvisor, I found two perfect place to stay. 4 days in Big Hostel in Sydney city and 4 days in Greens of Leura. Will explain further on the expenditure in later post.

3. Money: For 8 days stay, we basically exchanged our local money MYR1500 to AUD. The cash will only be used for food, transportation and some miscellaneous things that requires petty cash. The rest like accommodation, we just rely on our trusted plastic friend, Mr Master and Ms Visa ;)

4. Packing: Besides packing the essentials like toothbrushes and lotions, you need to know what's the weather will be like so you can plan your wardrobe accordingly. It rains quite often in Sydney during late March (fall season), but never heavy, just a wee bit of shower. But if you're walking most of the time, best to get a quick dry jacket with hoodie.

That's all for now. Next post: 8 day itinerary for Sydney city and Blue Mountains

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