Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tanpa Belang

Tanpa Belang (2010)

Here's one of my non-winning prized painting for Maybank Tiger Painting competition. Ahhh, there, there *pat self*. For awhile, I was disappointed that the piece didn't even enter the finals, but on the bright side, this could be a blessing in disguise for the fact that I get to personally keep it.

Just briefly recap what the competition is all about, it's mainly a competition for fellow artists or amateur artists to describe their expression towards the almost extinct Malayan tiger via painting or any 2D form of arts.

The first notion that came to mind when making this was to describe "loss". Though Malayan tiger has not wiped out completely, but in general, people tend to contemplate or only start to appreciate at things or a person that are no longer with us.

So 'Tanpa Belang' was described as a premonition, thus the scary fiery effect, which also meant to describe the fragile characteristics of tigers population. Pak Belang is a very known nickname for one of Malay folk stories.

Belang. 1996 - 2005

But to me, there's another hidden meaning to this. I once have a 'Belang' in my life too. Though he's not a tiger (but a cat), somehow there seems to be some resemblance. He's tough from the outside, but scaredy cat once you got to know him. He died after losing his battle on jaundice for the second time. *sniff*

Enough with the soppy stories, I'm here to share the walkthrough of the painting experience. I like to play with light and dark through colors as you see here...

1 & 2

1. Draw out: I have a few of my initial sketches (in a book) next to me before I moved on to canvas. Excuse me on the 'Hitler' mustache there. My attempt to rub off the correction using eraser on canvas seems in vain and made it worse, haha. But thanks to the opaque magic of acrylic, it all will be concealed easily!

2. Paint the shapes out: I like to use warm tones to line up my work. In this case I went for red and orange.

3 & 4

3. Details taking shape: At this stage, I think I should've messed around with the background instead of just focusing on the subject. Looks like it's almost done right?

4. More strokes and colors: Adding fires and background tones. This time I really start to toy around with strokes and lines...I guess Van Gogh started to possessed me at that present moment, lol!

Almost final stage
Is that Sheer Khan? It's so alive, it's freaks Oren the cat out, lol!

So when's the last time you draw? There are a lot of interesting art events around KL and here's one interesting one called Art Camp KL. If you're into drawing, whether you have the skills or not, then this is the fun event for you. For more details, visit this Facebook page here.

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