Monday, August 1, 2011

The Start of Ramadhan

Today's 1 of August marks the first day of Ramadhan. For one whole month, Muslims around the world will be fasting during day light hours, which means no eating and drinking until sun down.

I remember back then during my childhood, when most of us will rely on television broadcast to announce the iftar (or known as 'buka puasa'/break of fast) and imsak time. Now with internet, online and mobile apps, life's made easier. has developed a few user friendly apps for iPhone and Mac users. I have tried a few apps available and so far this is the most user friendly and convenient.

1. Guidance (iPhone): This app costs $2.99 in App Store, which might be a drag to those who likes their apps free. Very accurate and easy settings are the main reason why I opted for this.

STEP 1: After installation, please choose the right setting. For Malaysians, we are following 'Egyptian General Authority Survey'. Also, make sure the Madhab/Mazhab is set to Shafie.

STEP 2: Locked in your location. In my case, its Cyberjaya.

STEP 3: Done! You can manually change the prayer's time. In this case, I've changed Maghrib time from 7.27 pm above to 7.30pm.

2. Guidance (Mac): It's FREE! The settings configuration is almost the same.

3. This blog has documented the time for both Iftar and Imsak for 2011 for Malaysia. Remember, Imsak (the time to stop eating before the start of fasting day) usually occurs 10 minutes before Subuh or Fajr. Why 10 minutes before, read here for explanation.

Have a blessed Ramadhan, always keep things in moderation and don't forget to keep it green when buying take out food in bazaar or restaurant. Always bring a shopping bag!

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