Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fly High, Hitam

Hitam at her favorite window spot. Taken July last year.

My cat of 16 years passed away last month. Hitam took her last breath just about 15 mins after I reached home after a phone call from my mom. When I got home, I found her lying in her bed, her breath was heavy, blank and dark stare in her eyes...the signs I knew so well from previous experience with a friend's cat who took his last breath right before my eyes.

After the burial, my sis and I sat at the back porch and had a moment of silent. Shortly after that, came a butterfly with a hint of black and white flying across the burial spot.

Hitam is a tortie (with black, white and orange fur), coincidence or plain miracle? :)

Love you, Hitam. Thanks for being a great part of the family and for spicing up our life.

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