Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Making of Felt Flower Corsage

Sketches and References of Flower Corsage

A dear friend of mine has recently wed and she has requested me to make her a few sets of flower corsage for the Jimuis during Jip San Leong (a traditional challenge for the groom to get to the bride). A few important details to acquire when creating corsage;

  • Colors: Best to limit down to 3 or 4 colors. Keep the colors to minimum.
  • Flowers type: There are quite a lot of types out there, this is up to you. Peony is the one I am referring to.
  • Added details: Pearls? Ribbons? Netting? Glitters?
  • Overral style: Bohemian? Polka 50's? Bright 70's?

Where can you get felts in KL? Look no further, head to Art Friend, Garden's Midvalley. It's RM1.50 per piece, but if you have a membership, then it's another 5%. Yay!

There are a few types of felt. The ones that I bought is called Eco Felt. Apparently its made from acrylic and it cannot be dyed like the normal wool type.

Next, we go to step-by-step tutorial. I got to give credit to iCandy handmade tutorial. You can find out more precise tutorial here.

Print and cut your choices of stencil. You can print the image below and print it on a thicker paper, say 80 gsm and above?

Use a sharpie and trace away!

The rest of the folding process, again, you can refer at iCandy handmade

Neat, huh? I have stitched the flower with beaded bracelet, which is made from copper colored beads wrapped using thin elastic thread. Since its made from rubber, the bracelet can be expanded a little.

Here's the final look. You can also make this as a hairpin, clothing badge...anything!
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