Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Cocomama's furry butler, Joop the Cat

There's something about Amsterdam that not a lot of people would know, it doesn't involve Red Light district or the 'coffeeshops'...

Meowwwww...yes, CATS!

In most of my travels, it's hard to see glimpse of cats (not the usual stray cats - home cats) cos lets just face it, you can't bring cats to local parks...But if you just stroll along the quiet street of Singel or even Jordaan, you'll be lucky to bump to these furry friends by the shopfront windows, pawing to say hi or a pressing sideways, aching for pat on the head.

I'm not sure if it's the see through Dutch style windows, but it seems that Amsterdamers are really into cats. For the short duration of 4 days in Amsterdam, I basically saw more than 5 random places that have my hostel (Cocomama), in a cafe where it just lay lazy on top of tables, in a glasses shop...I mean, if one could just bump to these in short amount of time, just imagine the actual amount of cats here in this quaint city.

This tortie ball was waving at me over and over again...and the funny thing is, I saw her twice. I'm assuming it's a she cos most tortoiseshells are female...just like my Hitam.

Cat eye glasses, anyone?

De Poezenboot - The Catboat.
Got my cat treat souvenir for my cat back home

Cat lovers or not, one just need to get a glimpse of De Poezenboot. It's just a few blocks away from the Centraalstation. This floating meowship was established in 1968 by the late Henriette van Weelde and since then, she has housed over 1,000 stray cats. Entrance is free, but donations are always welcomed.

With so many houseboats around Singel, finding this place can be a little tricky. Just like houses, the houseboats are also numbered (Singel 38G), so after a few search, we finally saw the small sign on the top of the boat.

...ookay, I leave you alone...

Took me about 15 mins to get here, but despite the difficulty navigating and the cold weather, it feels so wonderful getting lost in Amsterdam...its not a big city, so chance you'll probably end up at the same place again...and while you're 'lost', do look up at the many white Amsterdam windows, soak in the calm and serene views of the canals and frail winter trees...try not to breath in much, you'll get high, hahaha!

So, if you're heading to Amsterdam soon, don't forget to look out for these furtastic hidden wonders!

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