Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lipton Teh Tarik - its a Malaysian thing!

Lipton Teh you can make it yourself, anytime, everywhere!

It's been more than a week after my recent mini-trip around Europe and to be honest, I am still jet-lagged. Looking back, during my 16 days abroad, one thing drools me up none other Malaysian cuisine.

As much as there are exciting, new foreign cuisine to dish out there while traveling, you can't deny getting homesick. Due to the cold winter in Amsterdam for example, I've been ordering hot tea almost everyday and boy, most cafes here would serve it in a teeny water refills at a charge, yikes!

Last Thursday, I was given the chance to sample out Lipton's new Teh Tarik and this is exactly what I've been waiting from Lipton. If you love Teh Tarik with just the right amount of milk and sugar, then you'll love this. Some might opt for the intense tea in teh tarik, but I like mine with less bitter, not so sweet, not so creamy, so this is made for me. I didn't even realize it comes from a powder form, the milk doesn't taste like creamer at all! But just don't take my word for it, try it! Mamak resto still makes the best teh tarik but if the trip doesn't work out for you, at RM13.50 for sachets of 16, this makes a perfect office beverage, lazy homebound day and a great travel-homesick-kit, hehe.

Teh tarik satu!...right from the kitchen.
For that extra bubbles, just do the 'tarik'!

Straight from the luggage!

Planning for a long trip soon? Here's the list of my 'Malaysian cravings':
  1. Instant noodles: My choice would be mini maggi and Ibumie. This is the easiest to bring for travel, even to the toughest customs like Australia. Have no problem bringing this to other parts of Europe as well
  2. Instant drink: Milo 3-in-1 seems to be a popular choice among my traveling friends. Instant drinks have never been in my travel to bring, but I'll definitely put Lipton Teh Tarik in the list.
  3. 'Lauk': Most Muslims would find it difficult to acquire Halal meat and poultry abroad. Brahim's a life saver as well as tempe ikan bilis and serunding daging. Trust me, even if you don't often eat these stuff back home, for some odd reason, you'll crave for it...
And if you happen to meet some new friends while traveling, what better way to further introduce your country with the food you've brought all the way from Malaysia. Makes a great souvenirs and token of friendship. After all, it's a Malaysian thing!


  1. Lipton teh tarik 3in1 is a perfect souvenirs for frens fr overseas or a drink tat u bring along for travelling in case u miss malaysian mamak food...haha...

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