Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Shiny Teeth and Me

2012 resolution - to have Chip Skylark's shiny teeth

HAPPY 2012 y'all? What? It's March already? Whoops...anywho, I would like to wish a happy 2012 to my dear readers. To those who are loyal to Roze Boomerang, thank you for sticking around and to those who just dropped by, welcome aboard.

Looking back, I didn't have much posts in 2011 and I hope it won't be the same with 2012. *giving sheepish smile to the Mayans*.

My 2011 (right) and my 2012 (left). Spot the subtle differences?

Funny that the first post for the 'new year' is about teeth. People would ask me if I have any new year resolution and I would say "no", but if there's one thing that I've been trying to improve this year is that I've been taking extra care of my choppers.

Why teeth? Why now?

Like most Malaysians, our oral hygiene education comes as early as standard 1. Remember the Colgate toothbrush set, the doctor and that big set of teeth display? Not to forget that most of us were told to bring our own cup to rinse and gargle. Upin & Ipin has an episode about dentist coming to school that best describe this nostalgic scenario.

Okay, back to the second highlighted question - why now?

I've learnt my lessons through sicknesses. Soar throat, tonsillolith (google it up, its disgusting!), mild fluorosis, cavities and all things that contribute by not maintaining a good oral hygiene. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I have bad teeth, erm...but if there's one thing I would like to pass on to my children is how important oral hygiene can be, not just for the exterior (teeth) but also to our interior (body) and health as a whole.

Step 1: Floss
Step 2: Brush
Step 3: Gargle

Step 1 > Floss: If there's one thing that the dentist forgot to remind us when we were 7, it is flossing. I'm not sure if we were too young to know the steps of flossing, but now as a 20 something with a crooked wisdom tooth and tooth gaps, I finally noticed how this simple daily step can not only eliminate cavities and tooth stains, but believe it or not, according to my dentist, it's gum problems. Not a surprising fact? Wait for it...gum problems is the no. 1 cause of tooth loss! If you don't want an early start on dentures, floss! Read here for effective flossing steps.

Now why flossing comes before brushing? Tricky question. At first I was hesitant to do this cos I always do the opposite but after googling for answers, I came to a better conclusion that flossing before brushing will open up your gum pockets and get rid of the extra chunks of food before you brush it off. It took me 2 weeks to trust this theory.

Step 2>Brushing: The most basic of all. Since last year, I found love in Systema toothbrush. The smooth, needley bristles had me at hello and thats when I bid goodbye to Oral-Bs. When it come to brushing, I'd opted for Bass technique (below video)

Step 3 > Gargle: This step onwards is pretty much optional, in my opinion. I have tried many mouthwashes out there but I seem to stick to Listerine Cool Mint more than ever.

Step 4 > Polish: This final step is tailormade for me due to mild fluorosis. Fluorosis like a little defect on the enamel. Due to this, my teeth tends to stain easily, especially if I disregard my flossing. My dentist recommended me to use GC Tooth Mousse at least twice a week. It's very much different from normal toothpaste, the mousse comes with fruity flavors and its a milk based. Just squeeze in a pea size on your finger and dab it on the affected tooth area. Wait for about 3 mins, before spitting it out. Best not to rinse or drink any water for the next 15 minutes.

Bass technique - sounds musical eh?

That's about it. I hope this post will be made useful for anyone who's reading this. It's never to late to take extra good care of your teeth. Keep smiling, keep shining :)


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