Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dry Skin and The Body Shop

My 2009 Hall of Fame Collection: The Body Shop Body Butter ! My favs are Shea, Mango (too bad this no longer around) and Passion fruit (great for hand and arms and a substitute for perfume).

To those who just swing by, just to say, among all the wonderful stuff The Body Shop have in store, nothing beats their award winning body butter.

I have a mild case of Ichthyosis Vulgaris or IV in short. It's the dry, scaly part of your body. I only have it on my calf area, so you won't notice I have any fishy thingy going on if you're walking past me. Haha! Since its autosomal dominant inherited disease, I get this from my long line family members, my dad and my late grandfather. Even my aunt and uncle have it. The rest of my siblings were lucky enough to escape this disorder. Lucky them :p

Like eczema, there is no instant cure for this disorder, however it will often improve with age, although they may grow more severe again in old age. I have to moisturize my body twice a day after shower, if not my shin gets dry and itchy. My other body areas tend to get dry too.

I've tried dozens of over-the-counter moisturizing, products and nothing beats it like The Body Shop body butter. It smells yummy and it works wonder! Other products just smell nasty and artificial.

Just for the record, I've tried these products on my skin;

Nivea cream: My college budget cream. Need to use this right after shower. The Nivea signature smell is so-so and can be a bit too boring sometimes, but what makes this a 'meh' for me is for the fact that its greasy, not moisturizing. Yerrrr ouuuut!!!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter: How to say this in a subtle way, it's like a mashed lip balm :p

QV: This product is good for those with very dry skin and sensitive skin. I have actually bought three products on this from the body gel, body spray and cream and it actually works fine for me. What's lacking is the smell and the availability in normal pharmacy. I can only find the whole range in Singapore and in certain location in KL. Bummer.

Reuse is better than recycling! Empty tubs make an awesome currency tub for my future travels. Too bad it doesn't come with a good exchange rate. Hahahaha!

I gotta say, this tub costs a slight whopping of RM59.90. It's a real ouch if you have to spend it every month, but hey, my shin is loving this.

Wait, there's ANOTHER one must-have for dry skin (IV and also eczema) is the Shea Body Scrub. A friend of mine who has eczema uses The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream and it definitely a good addition along side with Body Butter.

Shea Body Scrub (in my shower)

Zoom in one the sugary scrub texture. At the lower part of the tub, you can see a surface of oil that makes the scrub moist. You can use just the oil for the dry part of your body. If you noticed, the fine lines on my hand is another characteristic of Ichthyosis Vulgaris.

Check out my MJ glove. LOL! It's also from The Body Shop. At first, I thought a glove scrub would make scrubbing easier, but I dunno, it feels rather odd and a bit tedious to be taken off. I ended up using only one side of the glove instead.

I recently started using Shea body scrub for exfoliation after a suggestion from the sales lady and OMG it makes a whole lotta difference!!! The scrub works both ways; the sugary scrub exfoliate dead skin well and the oily scrub leaves the skin moist when you scrub and it doesn't hurt. If you have dry skin, right after shower, it is recommended that you need to pat only 40% of your skin dry and immediately apply moisturizer before your skin dries up.

I highly recommend the scrub and the body butter for all the dry skin-ers out there. Let me know your success stories on this :) Took awhile for me to complete this article as it's made from love :x

Go to this site to find out which Body Butter suits you.


  1. I'm starting to be a loyal reader here right now..heh...
    Usually what's the duration to keep the Body butter before it expired?
    Cause my sis gave me 2 tube of Body Butter that she's not using and was wondering for how long can I keep them or are they already expired but the tubes still smell nice...LOL...

  2. Thanks for spending time reading my articles. Really appreciate it. :D

    Hmm, I'm not exactly sure about the expiry date, perhaps the Body Shop assistant can give you the answer to that, but if there's one thing that I know, it depends on how/where you store the body butter. Make sure you keep it in a cool (or somewhere cooler). Fruity flavors like Wild Cherry, Passion fruit and Strawberry tend to have a sour-ish smell if you keep it at a warmy place. My mango still so-so. Like you, I've bought 2 tubs before and it lasted for another 2-3 months. Non fruity body butter like Shea seldom has that nasty smell even if u keep it in a 'warm' place (referring to my room). Hahahha!

  3. Hi! I work at the body shop and the body butters have a shelf life of 2 years, unopened and one year after you have opened it. You can always tell if they are expired from the smell. If they still smell nice then they are fine. Because they are made with natural ingredients, they'll get gross smelling when they expire, so trust me, you'll know!

  4. Thanks so much Cathy for very useful info! Zee, If you noticed the small sticker behind the body butter, you'll notice an MFG date which is the manufactured date. So from there, you'll know how to calculate it how long has it been on shelf.

  5. I really love the Body Butter a lot. I am a big fan of it too.. But you got way too much more than me.. ><''

  6. @ Supia: *high five* Thanks Supia. Yeah, I have to get it once every month with my skin condition. Just finished mine last night, need to get a new one today. I've been using vitamin E oil as substitute, but it makes my skin itchy and greasy indeed. The body butter just makes the skin feels so gooood...

  7. Girls, remember not to purchase those body butter during sales which offer's up to 70%, those are pretty near to expiry. SA told me can keep 5 years and try to convince me to stock up.. hhmm... fishy, when i smell.. it doesn't smell as pleasant as it suppose to.

    p/s: It's only alright if use for feet. =)

  8. @Anonymous: Usually the ones for sale are the fruity flavor (except for mango), which I hardly buy on monthly basis cos most most of them are not for dry skin. And yes, I got to agree with you that the fruity body butter can have a 'rotten' smell. That happens to me with flavors like strawberry and passion fruit.

  9. dear,
    love your blog.very useful.fyi, i have a skin problem as well, mild psoriasis for years. it is quite tired when i have to control my food intake very2 carefully (to check the ingredients of the food) and of cos to use right skincare, cream, lotion, shampoo etc; especially when i have to travel overseas (i hate winter).

  10. Thank you much! Glad its useful for you *mission accomplished* Yeah, I can understand having to inherit and deal with genetic disorder. Quite a pain to go through it everyday, but I believe with every flaws, we are blessed with certain extra 'gift'. Don't you think so? :)

  11. ur using the wrong product roze!!!! i just realised that ive the same disease as you on the back of my lower legs!!! no wonder vaseline, nivea, jergens, other random creams dint work on my legs!!!! Grrrrrr!!! u need to be using the hemp intensive balm in combination with hemp body butter for ur ankles, but i assume since the infected part is smaller unlike full lower legs, even greasy body butter of TBS would work for u!!! :) but for all those who have larger areas affected, please do buy the hemp one!! & yes oil ur affected parts if u can n then wash off. I cant stand the feeling of oil on my body so abstain from it!!! :( or else my legs wudve been a million times better than what they are now!!! :'( i guess a mixture of shea and almond oil would do the trick!!!

  12. Hi RiJo! I've tried TBS Hemp's Body Butter, loved the smooth texture and how it feels on my skin...BUT I just can't tolerate the smell >_< smells a bit masculine for me.

    Have converted my body butter and scrub to Burt's Bees a year ago - depends on the stock availability, am using Honey & Shea (richer and thicker) or Cranberry & Pomegranate (less rich...but the moist still retain after a few hours...and it smells YUMMYYYY it doubles up as perfume). If you haven't tried them, do give it a go. I've basically used a lot of body butter on most parts of my body (arms, torso and below) so its quite a refreshing change for me to know that there seem to be a lot of natural ingredients/oils in Burts Bees compared to TBS.

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